Spring 2018

Spring 2018
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Saturday, April 7, 2018

think spring

Hello friends.....
I thought I'd better post to let you know I'm still alive but very inactive on my blog.  
 We are trying to Think Spring here.
Our spring weather is still wintry for most of Canada it seems.  We are winter weather weary!  But, we know our spring weather is always delayed by weeks here so we remain hopeful.

This is Buddy.

I've spent the winter watching deer in our yard and birds at the feeders, and, keeping the decks cleared of snow.  The deer in this pic I've named Buddy as he spends a lot of time in our yard and even has slept under the back deck.  The deer have had a hard winter here with many deaths due to lack of food and car hits.  I don't feed the deer but will throw out apples once in a while which they enjoy.

I went to Kings Landing for the Sugar Bush weekend in March.  It was a very cold day but we had fun walking through the historic settlement taking pictures.

Do I look cold to you??

A foggy view of the St. John River valley on March 30.

The spring birds are back but I'm sure they're confused by all this white stuff still covering the ground and perhaps wondering why they came back so early.  It is a joy to hear the bird songs though and the snow will soon go.  

This is Buddy under our back deck looking in the (dirty) basement window at us.  Isn't he adorable??  I don't think he'll fit under here when he gets bigger.  I saw him yesterday and his antlers are starting to push out.  Sadly, he's an orphan and has been shunned by the herd that is around the fields here but he seems to be managing and hangs out some with a few other orphans, like the twins that hang around.

We awoke to this fresh snow on this spring Saturday morning.  It is starting to melt though.

We haven't been on any vacation this winter as my husband has been working away in Winnipeg Manitoba a lot where they've had a very cold winter.  We are both looking forward to spring and summer, and perhaps a vacation trip.  It's time to visit our grandkids again soon as well. 

I took this photo last May 17th.  Yes, we still have over a month before it even resembles spring here but it's worth it.  
I hope you are well and enjoying spring where you live.  
Take Care.



  1. Your photos are quite in contrast! You always seem content and upbeat about whatever weather you have. Winters must seem so long there, and here in the SE it seems like we just put away the lawnmower and it's time to get it out again. I'm guessing our winter is about two months. I hope you get some good time away especially to see those little grands who will undoubtedly be so glad to see you!

  2. Beautiful photos. Especially the one of the old mill with the brook. It will be so nice to see flowers. It's been a long winter.

  3. Hi Pam,
    So glad you posted; I've been wondering how you are. I took a long "blog break" as well but am now back at it. Maybe we just tend to blog-hybernate in the winter! I love your photos, as always. Buddy is adorable and I especially enjoyed the photos of King's Landing in the snow. Since I "met" you through our blogs, we've been to King's Landing twice, last year with our grandson. It is a beautiful place. It snowed here in Maine yesterday as well but today is sunny and all the snow has melted so there is still hope for Spring. Take care! ~Cheryl

  4. This winter certainly has outlived its welcome, but look at the promise evidenced in your May 17 photograph from last spring! I didn’t know little Buddy is an orphan. Poor little guy. No wonder you’ve had such a heart for him. Bet you’ll be glad, though, when he’s grown too tall to hang out under the deck. Loved seeing the familiar sights of Kings Landing in snow. Here’s to spring🌷☀️🌷

  5. We had snow last night, so spring is taking its sweet time here too. Excellent shots! Buddy looks like quite a welcome visitor.

    I've seen that snow treat here as well poured into the snow and rolled around a popsicle stick.

  6. Loved seeing your post . . .
    And your wonderful pictures.
    I enjoy following you and others on Instagram
    although I like this venue most because stories go along with the pictures.

    I like that you are throwing an apple or two out for “ buddy.”
    The Robins are back here in Michigan.
    We have been basically snow free since January until the past few weeks.
    Poor little Robins huddle around any spec of black dirt they can find.

    Happy Spring and some “green” for you soon Pam!

  7. Such gorgeous pics, Pam.. And you look so adorable!! We certainly will be glad to see that Spring grass that is for sure.. I love your deer.. Take care my friend.. ox oh it is so nice to see you back on here.. You are missed.. xo

  8. Great to see all is well there dear Pam - I think of you so often and always hope you and the family are managing to deal with all the snow and cold weather your winters bring.

    The photos are lovely, and that little orphaned deer Buddy is such an adorable creature - hoping he will grow up to be strong and find a comfy home. . . . . . . if he can't stay permanently with you!

    We're just back from another exciting expedition cruise - Patagonia (Chilean Fjords and Argentina) this time. It was beautiful - peaceful, clean air, stunning scenery etc., and made me want to move to a quiet little island in the middle of nowhere - well for perhaps a month anyway haha!

    Take care dear - come back with more news when you can.
    Hugs - Mary

  9. Brrrr....looks too cold! Love the photos. The historic settlement looks fun to visit.

  10. Wonderful post and photos . I think all who are still getting snow and cold are thinking spring lol , winter has been hanging on just way to long this year. We are slowly wining spring over here thank goodness , I hope spring shows up for you up your way soon . Thanks for sharing . Have a good weekend !

  11. Hi Pam. All your photos are just gorgeous. I especially love the head of the horse, but, that little Buddy is so sweet. I would want to bring him in by the fire, he looks like he would love that!!..Hope you get to see spring soon. We are finally having it here, little by little..Judy

  12. I forgot to mention that you do look a little cold but mostly you look happy. Happy Sunday..Judy

  13. That 4th shot is divine.

    Enjoying our less-hot season here. Supposed to be 84 F today.

  14. The deer are so cute.. but, Yes.. I am so ready for spring! Loved the post. Have a good week. Leticia

  15. Hi Pam, You've certainly had a long winter that just doesn't want to stop. It's hard to imagine that in a month you might see the glories of that photo from last May in real life once again. Seasons change so quickly when they make up their mind to actually do it!

  16. Ooh what a cute little deer! I hope he takes off and does well with a pack soon. It is still raging spring here, but of the stormy kind which I despise more and more the older I get. I hope you have a good weekend, and I hope spring is going to arrive there soonest.

  17. Hi Pam, so nice to see a post from you again! I hope that you get some relief from the cold soon. It does look so pretty, but I know how anxious you can get for sunshine and flowers when spring is just around the corner. Your little buddy is so cute and I hope he finds some friends this spring. You look very cute and cozy in your pretty coat, too! xo Karen


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