Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Monday, August 30, 2010


When I was growing up we lived in the second floor of a duplex.  We had a 'back porch' as we called it with a large window and a clothesline.  The window opened inward and in summer there was a screen that hooked in to let in the summer breeze.  I often wonder if that's where I got my fear of heights ~ hanging clothes out that second floor window.  We didn't have an electric clothes dryer while I lived at home.  My mother first had a wringer washer then an electric one, but never a clothes dryer.  Mum had a folding, wood clothes rack for hanging things on.  Shirts, mostly made of cotton, went to hangers awaiting ironing.  We had an attic in which we could hang clothes in the warmer seasons as it was bitterly cold in the winter and nothing would dry completely.  I do remember my mother bringing in frozen clothes off the line in winter, stiff as boards until they warmed up.  Whoever brought them in would have to don gloves and a sweater or jacket for this chore due to the cold north wind that inevitably blew. There was also an unfinished basement with lines on which to hang clothes.  I don't know how mum did it with four children and a husband although she probably didn't do laundry as often as we do today.

 When my hubby and I bought our home we had a long clothesline off the back deck which broke and was replaced with an 'umbrella' style one down on the ground.  The umbrella one wasn't very efficient as the trees grew and shaded it and also the clothes hung in parallel lines and didn't get enough breeze or sun.  We finally hooked up a long line to our neighbours post again last summer.  I have gotten more use out of that clothesline this summer!  I love the fresh air scent when I bring them in and fold them.  And, I also love the fact that, due to a very sunny, dry summer we are saving money!  I probably won't hang laundry out this winter very often as the sunlight hours will be limited in our backyard.  I do know I'll miss the fresh smell until next spring when once again I can use the clothesline, and not the dryer, and save more money!  Do you have a clothesline and have you been using it this summer?

early morning fog = good drying day later

tablecloths on the line


  1. You are soooo fortunate to have a clothesline, I would love one! Great pictures, as always~

  2. Wow! I actually remember something from my childhood. Remember me sleeping in the upstairs back porch in the summer? And the time that the tent was stolen out of our back yard? I bought at clothes line 3 years ago and use it often in the summer.

  3. When I was living at home, I actually enjoyed hanging out the clothes and bringing them in! I really wish that I had a clothes line...don't think the condo board would like that though! It would be awesome for drying cloth diapers! Apparently sunlight is a natural brightener and disinfectant! Who knew :)


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