Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Sunday, August 15, 2010

My First Blog Ever!

Kings Landing Historical Village
Hello there, my name is Pamela, and this is my first blog.  I decided to do something fun now that I'm of a "certain age" to show my creative side through my photography.  I am an amateur and have been taking pictures since I had my first camera ~ a Kodak Brownie ~then an Instamatic as a teenager.  I got my first SLR in 1977 and now have a Canon Power Shot S5IS, 8 mega pixels.  I hope to share my photos and my thoughts on a regular basis.  So come with me to the countryside of New Brunswick, Canada and see why I enjoy 'playing with my camera'.


  1. Wonderful photo of one of my very favorite places....nice shot! All the best with your blog Pam....blessings, kathy

  2. So nice to meet you here on Blogspot Pam--Welcome to Blogging--maybe you will encourage and inspire me to continue with my Blog. And, it's a great way to share your beautiful photographs!! Barb

  3. I love Kings Landing and your shots are awesome!
    I love the cedar fence, and it was one of my favourite things to photograph when I visited.
    I work at an historical village, Sherbrooke Village, Nova Scotia. It's a wonderful place to work, I'm blessed to work at such a peaceful and scenic place.

  4. And so it began...

    I was looking to see how April 4, 2010 looked in your corner. I was looking at April 4, 2010 in mine and it was quite the interesting weather story. We'll never achieve it this year!


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