Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I did some tweaking this week, kind of pre-autumn changes.  I'd had pretty pink and white Bridal Rose china in my china cabinet all summer and with fall nearing I decided a change was needed.  I got out my wedding dishes which are Denby stoneware in the Shamrock pattern.  I don't use them often as they are heavy and since they don't make that pattern anymore I really wouldn't want to break one.  However, I think I'll use these more than just for company this fall.  I also have an antique cutlery tray (sorry, that's the best picture I could find of it) which was stained mahagony.  I decided to lighten it up and spray painted it Heirloom White just last week.  I really love the look of it now.  I'm showing the before and after of the cabinet and the cutlery tray.  How often do you tweak?

the cutlery tray before

Bridal Rose dishes ~ Valentine's
cutlery tray painted and sanded

china cabinet with Denby 'Shamrock'

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  1. I really like the makeover on the cutlery tray Pam, very nice in the white! Pretty flowers too, my favorite ~ blessings, kathy


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