Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Thursday, September 16, 2010


The sun is shining so I thought I'd take a walk around the yard and see how my plants are doing these days.

Rudbekia and the old fencing.

Coral impatiens in some wooden planters.

This is a rusty iron kettle my daughter bought me at a yard sale.  I love it's patina.

Marigolds in the onions in my neighbour's garden.

Pretty poppies among the vegetables.

Zuccini anyone?

Blue veined petunia against old driftwood.

Purple veined petunias and creeping jenny.

Sedum "Autumn Joy"

Our side yard and neighbour's shed.

Looking into a corner of our yard behind the garage.

The other side of our house and back corner perennial bed.
As you can see there isn't much colour there now.

Well, that was a little tour of our yard and some of my flowers.  I have 5 hanging baskets, three are New Guinea Impatiens and two are geranium mix, and they are all still blooming beautifully.  I expect, when we start getting some frosty nights that I'll be putting them in the garage to protect them.  Such a nuisance but I try to keep them going until our Thanksgiving in October. The other container plants are hanging in there but not as pretty and full as they were.   I have decorated my front deck for fall and will show you that tomorrow.

How are things in your garden these days? 

Have a great day!



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  1. Beautiful pictures Pam...loved the ones you posted earlier this week too. Can't wait to come to the ridge to pick apples!


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