Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


We have been in an extreme 'heatwave' here in the eastern part of Canada since this past Sunday.  It has been 30 plus degrees celsius (90 plus fahrenheit) every day.  Today it was 34 with a humidex of 41 and will be the same tomorrow.  It's the humidity that is unbearable especially when living in a climate that normally can claim to be much cooler than 'down south'.  Why, that's the reason Americans come here to visit in the summer and fall  - because it's cooler here!  Well, not this summer.  It has been the best summer in a long time but the lack of rain is causing gardens and lawns and trees to die, turn brown, shrivel up.  I also expect some rural folk may soon have well water problems (ie. no water!). 

There is a major storm headed our way for the weekend.  It is called Hurricane Earl,  although by the time it arrives here it will most likely be downgraded to a tropical storm or just a plain old soaker with wind, depending on which way it tracks. Even though we need rain, I hope it tracks out to sea and I'm sure those living in Nova Scotia that experienced Hurricane Juan 7 years ago really hope it does!     

I managed to catch the sunsets last night and tonight.  Last night was spectacular and I missed the best part.  There were a lot of boaters enjoying the calm waters and the hot evening as well.  A perfect end to a perfect summer day.



  1. God's beautiful!!

  2. It truly is a beautiful part of the country!!! I love being near the Saint John river, I've been able to be near it and look out my windows and enjoy it's beauty for many years.Thank-you, Pam for capturing some of that beauty for us to enjoy.


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