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Friday, September 10, 2010


While at the Fundy coast last weekend we happened upon one of the many covered bridges in our beautiful province.  This one is called Mill Pond Brige and is at Little Lepreau.

This bridge is no longer in use but one can walk through it.

This one has a delightful sign overhead.

I wonder how many people got caught speeding with their horses and wagons racing through the bridge?  The $20.00 fine was pretty pricey back in 1909!

See the bits of moss growing on the boards?

Look at all the beams, rafters, and posts.  I like the design they make.  Covered bridges were called 'kissing' bridges because couples could secretly sneak a kiss as they crossed and no one could see them.  Tsk Tsk!

Here is a close up of the outside with it's well weathered boards and the Little Lepreau river, which appears to be a stream here, flowing beneath.  There was a well worn path on the left through the woods so we explored it and found this beautiful sight.

What a pretty little river!  There was no room to sit and enjoy this view as the short trail ended at the edge  of the woods.  But it was picture perfect wasn't it?

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.



  1. Hi Pam!!

    I sure do remember you from Kathy's. I am so glad you let me know you started blogging! I have signed up to follow you. Your photos are just gorgeous!

    Congrats on the upcoming grand -it is so exciting! Being a grandparent is just the best!

    Take care!!

  2. Love the old covered bridges...nice pics, and the stream is so pretty! I see Linda found her way here...that's good!!

  3. lovely pics again ,pam---carol p.

  4. I like the last picture. very nice. I just want to go cannoe there or swim.

  5. Hi Pamela,
    The river is definitly picture perfect and the covered bridge is lovey too!
    I haven't seen the Country home yet but I will look for it soon. I did love the Victoria though.



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