Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Monday, September 13, 2010


On a summer trip to Moncton NB we went to a beautiful antique shop that I had been to before.  The reason I love this shop is because it's in my old neighbourhood where I grew up and it used to be the corner store.  (Sorry, this picture was taken in the pouring rain and is therefore not clear)

Boutique Recycl' Art & Antiques

This building was built in 1930 with the left side as a corner store called Northend News Stand, and the right side was Camille's Barber Shop.  Upstairs there was an apartment.  This store was on my route to school and was where I'd stop on my way back to school from lunch.  My friends, brother, sister ~ whoever I was walking with ~ would stop and buy our penny candy, chips or chocolate bars, depending on how much allowance we had.  Mind you, in the 50's and 60's, 5 cents would buy a lot of penny candies that would be sold as 5 to 10 pieces for a penny!  So with an allowance of 25 cents per week, I could eek out 5 cents per day for candy.  Potato chips and chocolate bars were 5 cents then 10.  No wonder dental bills were so high for our parents!  But we walked to and from school morning, noon and after school so we, thankfully, didn't gain weight!

A friend who saw this photo asked me if I remembered the lady behind the counter always having a cigarette in her mouth!   Can you imagine that happening today?  I do remember the old Coke machine that you lifted the top, put your coin (10 cents) in the slot and slid your bottle through the channel and pulled it up and out.  It was always dripping wet. 

I don't know when this store closed but the building was bought and set up as an antique shop, with the wall between the two former businesses being removed.  The upstairs apartment is the same as it was - same floors, windows, kitchen, fixtures etc.  The floors of the store are the old wood and the ceilings I believe, are pressed tin!  The owner has replaced the store front windows and doors with modern (energy efficient) replicas of the former ones.  And when you walk inside you'll delight in the beautifully refurbished and original antique tables, cabinets, cupboards etc, all stocked with antique and vintage dishes, books, lamps and collectibles. 

I was completely surprised and pleased to see an item in  the October issue of Canada's style at home magazine on page 170 about this very store.  The owner is Pauline Duguay.  The store is located at 149 John Street in Moncton (at the corner of High St.) and their email address is  (the word 'recycl' is spelled without an 'e').

I am looking forward to visiting this store again soon and this time I will purchase something ~ but it won't be penny candy!



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  1. hi pam

    Today i went by there 5 times I'm sure. Should have stopped because she had lots on display. Likel cause its rained for a week.

    carol p.


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