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Friday, October 29, 2010

to Sir with love

I have named the couple.

My father's family has an interesting history.  I was willed a small leather book that is
very old and someone has written, with a fountain pen, a family tree.

This is a page in the book that starts with a couple -
Sir Jonathan Keate = Susanna Hoo
Born 1633 - married 1660
died Sept. 17th 1700 and
buried at Kimpton aged 67.
Was knighted by Charles II for his adhesion to
his cause and his great loyalty.

So, in honour of this couple I have named the couple
Sir Jonathan and Susanna

The descendents of this couple eventually came from England to
Annapolis, Nova Scotia  in 1733.  They were Thomas Hide and his wife Alicia Maria.
He was a 'master carpenter in the ordnance department London on the pay rolls
of London Tower.'  I don't know
what he did for a living in Nova Scotia.  Thomas died in Annapolis Dec. 27, 1751.

I love geneology.  I haven't done any myself but some other family members have. 
It's a lot of work and I admire anyone who spends hours searching
records, graveyards, histories etc. to trace their lineage.

And, I truly find it interesting that my father's family history is recorded back
to London, England in the 1600's.

I don't know if my little figures came from my father's family home or not
and I know they aren't that old, but I like the names of my 
ancient relatives, so
they will be
Jonathan and Susanna

Do you have an interesting family tree?  Have you ever traced
your  family tree or history? 

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.  I am going to a 'reunion' of my college
girlfriends that we have every fall.  We have a pot luck supper,
a sleepover and breakfast the next morning.  In between will be
lots of visiting, chatter, sharing and laughter.  And very little sleep!!!
I hope you have a wonderful weekend.
Blessings to you!


P.S.  I am posting my pictures in a larger size now but also, if
you double click on a picture it will blow up very big so
you can see more detail.

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