Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Monday, October 25, 2010

a walk in the park

My hubby and I went for a walk in the park near our home on  Sunday afternoon.
It was a glorious day ~ sunny and a chilly 8 degrees celsius.
There were still lots of leaves on the trees ~ mostly yellow, gold and orange
and a carpet of the same leaves on the ground.  It was beautiful!

When our children were growing up we, along with our dear friends,
would go to this park many times to walk, hike, picnic and play.
What great memories we have of this beautiful place.

This is the sailboat marina ~ empty until next summer.

An old red oak tree.  This is on the site of a former farm that was once
farmed by my husband's ancestors in the early last century. 
I wonder how old this tree is and who planted it.  There used to be two
of them here but one must have died. 
The Mactaquac Provincial Park campground is nearby.

Isn't this a beautiful spot?  I would love to have an
old country house here wouldn't you?  Before the Mactaquac Dam
was built there was no body of water for sailboats.  The St. John River
valley was flooded from Keswick Ridge to Woodstock.  Homes were destroyed
or moved to higher ground.  Many were moved to the Kings Landing Historical Settlement
and restored as a living history museum.
The old route 105 actually came across the water above and is under the water.
You can walk down part of the old road to the water's edge.

A crooked birch tree makes a nice resting spot.

This is looking from the oak tree out across the "headpond" towards
Keswick Ridge end of  the Mactaquac Dam.

This photo was taken on Labor Day 2009 at York Centennial Park.
The water is the 'headpond' or Mactaquac Lake and if you click on the picture
to enlarge it you will see the Mactaquac Dam road.  On the other side
of the dam the St. John River continues on it's way to the Bay of Fundy.

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  1. Awww, I miss playing at that park, and going for walks on the trails. It was always a favorite outing as a kid. Lots of great memories from those times spent there! Thanks for sharing this pictures....they are beautiful, and they make me homesick for NB...

  2. It is beautiful there. We have gone to Kings Landing a few times, years ago. I like the pic of you on the tree.


  3. OK... Pam... 8 deg. cel....that's cold!! But it is beautiful there! I love the fall! What a gorgeous park! Oh...and love that court house in your earlier post... so nostalgic....

  4. Such gorgeous pictures!! The Maritimes are certainly beautiful in the fall - well - every season I think! :)

  5. I love all your pics - you must find a way to post them larger. They are so wonderful we need to see them bigger :-) Love your blog - I'm a new follower :)

  6. Through your lovely photos I walked along with you. Thank you.
    Wishing you a day filled with Happy! Katherine

  7. Those photos are gorgeous! What a beautiful place to be. Thanks for stopping by!!


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