Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Christmas Tree

It is another snowy day here and  it is so pretty!  It snowed lazily all day yesterday - about 5 cm. - and it has been snowing since late morning today.  This is the fourth snow fall in a week and it's still November - very unusual for us as we usually have rain or just plain old cold weather.  However, it is very pretty and it looks like a snow globe out there!

I put up the Christmas tree and decorated it yesterday while the snow fell.  I sure was exhausted at the end of the day!  Won't you join me for a tour of our living room?  It's my favorite room and I use it every day.

This is an artificial tree that we purchased in 1986 because our son
had allergies to real trees.  It's getting a little worse for the wear and loses
almost as many 'needles' as a real tree but it still looks pretty all dressed up.

I have to rearrange the living room to make room for the tree so I switch around
two of the chairs.

I use an old quilt with the back side out for a tree skirt.

I love our new window - the bare trees give us a pretty view in the winter.

I added a bit of 'frosted' grapevine and a crystal prism to the
chandelier to give it a bit of sparkle.  I got the chandy
for $2.00 at a yard sale and spray painted it.

This is looking into our kitchen from the front stairs.
The oak table is my 'island' as there isn't room for anything any larger.
It is solid and very old and was painted that old green before.
Now, I wish it was still that colour.
We are planning on a total kitchen reno in the new year!
I can't wait as it will be white, shaker style and I'll have
a dishwasher!!  I've never had one in 33 years of marriage!

This is a little wood box that I decided to use for a centerpiece
on my kitchen 'island'.  I used lace chair arm protectors, old
mason jars, and a bottle brush tree sitting in a bowl.  I need to cut
some pine to fit in around the bottles but it's all snowy.

This manger scene is ceramic and was given to me one
Christmas by my mother.  The gold angel on the left was given to me
in 1962 by our neighbour when I was 12.  When you wind the base
it plays Silent Night and she turns around.  The picture is
from an old Christmas card sent to my parents in the early 60's.
The tiny angel has nylon wings and dress and a china head. She
was a gift to me in the 60's as well.

This is the bookshelf by the front stairs.

This is a 'feather' tree with vintage glass balls on it.

Well that's a little tour of our living room and kitchen all dressed
for the holidays.  I think
I'll have a seat and enjoy this view and relax for a bit.

I hope you are enjoying the weekend, perhaps decorating, shopping,
playing in the snow, or taking in the Santa Claus parade in your town.

Thanks for stopping by again.



  1. Hi Pamela,
    I enjoyed seeing some of your home all decked out for Christmas-it looks beautiful! The view out of your nice big window is so pretty too.
    We got about 15 cm. here also and I love how bright and sunny it is.

    Take care,

  2. Hi, I think your tree looks so beautiful!! Looking out and seeing the snow is so gorgeous.We didn't get any snow here in new jersey yet, but it will be here soon.Everything looks so pretty.


  3. Hi Pamela! It looks like you need to go to your Nov 22 post again and RIGHT click on the words of the title "Sparkly Silver" when you go to post it in the box you will be able to see the post title and not "playingwithmycamera" in the box for "Link it to:" Sometimes links leave a red ex next to your picture on the link so you can delete and start over, but Kathleen's doesn't have that. It okay to go in and do it over even if the old one stays in too. Happens all the time. I linked my whole blog for a long time before I learned what I was doing! The last thing I don't think I mentioned is you go in to your NOV 22 post to edit it at the bottom and say that it is linked to FADED CHARM by using "Link" at the top of your "compose a post" page. Only this time you are using her main address and posting to YOUR post. I hope you try again! Jacqueline

  4. Your tree is amazing! You home looks so warm and inviting with all that snow happening outside.


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