Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Saturday, November 13, 2010

I've started something

I decided to take advantage of the gorgeous weather we are having here this weekend and actually was inspired to put up the Christmas lights outdoors.  What a perfect day for it!  It is sunny and about 13 C, which for November 13 is awesome!  I was able to work in just a sweatshirt - no jacket or hat!

We have a large cedar tree by the front deck which my hubby keeps trimmed nicely and we have been putting coloured lights on it for years.  Two years ago we switched to coloured LED lights.  Home Depot had a light trade-in day and you got the new ones for a couple dollars off I believe. 

This was Dec. 2008 -  a snowy Christmas.  I can't find a picture from last year.
This year I have a park bench instead of the cedar one and the trees on the right
are on the back deck.  I also decided not to put garland and lights around the doorway this year.
I know this photo is dark but if you look closely you can see the snow shovel
at the ready by the front door.  You can also almost see the dark spot about
a foot long on the screen door where our precious dog, Marshall, likes
to knock when he wants in.  Not nice.  When he's gone for good
we'll fix it, but not before, as we have tried and he still does it!!

I'm not too crazy on the colour of the LED lights though.  They are so glaring and not really Christmassy to me as the old lightbulbs were.  I also bought white or clear strings to decorate with but they too are 'bright white' and not warm white.  I see in the flyers there are 'new' 'old fashioned colour' lights this year.  Too late.  I'm not buying any more.  These will have to do and seeing as they are energy efficient and unbreakable they'll probably last forever!

Since we installed the new living room window this spring it will look different again, so I'll have to take new pictures when we get some snow.

                                Not this kind of snow!!!

Blizzard Feb. 2009  My hubby scooping snow and wishing
that big dozer would do it for him!
We don't want that kind of snow for a long time!

I also cut pine, cedar, fir and dogwood (I had to go in the ditch across the road for the latter) and filled my milk can and one flower planter.  The flower planter is sitting on the bench and there are lights all through it and around the bench too.

I always buy a real fir wreath for the front door but that will have to wait until a bit later.  For now I have a plain grapevine wreath with green ribbon hanging there.

The front door wreath last Christmas.

So, I've started something.  I may start 'tweaking' the china cabinet.  That's usually the first thing  I work on.  Just adding winter touches for now.  Do you do that?  Just keep adding things as the days and weeks go by until it's just right?  I think I have way too many decorations, even though I got rid of a lot this past year.  And, I certainly don't need to buy anything new!  Well, we'll see.

                                                       Have a great day!



  1. Looking forward to more pictures of your Christmas decorations. Maybe it will inspire me to dig ours out and put some up!

  2. Pretty picture of your house, especially with the snow...I hope we get snow in December! We put our new lights up around the deck and they are the LED that are soft white....they look sooooo nice! Haven't done much else yet, but hope to get the inside garland out tonight or tomorrow. Our neighbour has her inside tree up...oh my!! Hope to see all your decor in person someday soon :-) blessings, kathy

  3. I love decorating for Christmas and can totally relate to you starting already! I am curious about the LEDs in "old fashioned" colors - will keep my eye out for those. I usually do the regular high-electricity-bill mini white lights, and haven't switched to the LEDs for the same reason you noted - the colors are *really* bright and not the look I hoped for. Maybe the newer colors will be better?

    Have fun decorating this year!


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