Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Another Remembrance Day is over.  It was an absolutely beautiful day here in New Brunswick and most of the Maritimes, one of the nicest for a Remembrance Day ceremony in a long time.  My hubby and I went over to York Centennial Park for the service and joined about 1000 other people, including veterans, soldiers from Base Gagetown, RCMP,  Volunteer Firefighters, Scouts, youth groups and others.

This is a photo taken Labour Day 2009 but it shows the cenotaph in
York Centennial Park.

I was thinking of taking my camera with me to take pictures during the service but thought it might be too disrepectful so did not.  Following the service we attended a luncheon at a nearby church that is held every year.  About 200 people attended including the soldiers.  There is always clam chowder and sandwiches provided by the folks at Base Gagetown.  And it is really good clam chowder!! 

The service in Fredericton today was attended by thousands and there was a large parade of 600 soldiers from Base Gagetown in attendance.  I would love to have seen that.  When I was growing up in Moncton there was always a large parade of soldiers and cadets and veterans.  I watched the local news broadcast this evening about the services around the Maritimes.  It was very well done and I became very emotional watching the veterans and thinking about what they did for us.  I am very thankful!

This afternoon we finally got our "summer" things put away for another year.  What a job!  There are a few more things to do, perhaps Saturday.  I am so tired and every muscle and joint in my body is screaming.  I told hubby that I hadn't done this much work since May when I was planting and setting everything out!

Last year on this date I started decorating for Christmas.  I don't feel like it yet.  I'm trying to get in the mood.  It will strike. I may need to see some snow flakes but there aren't any in the forecast.  I'm curious to know if any of you have started to decorate for Christmas.  I realize some of my American friends still have to do Thanksgiving but how about my Canadian friends?

A peek at a picture from last year.  Inspiration?  We'll see.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.  Thanks for stopping by.


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  1. I have seen on many blogs that even some of our friends stateside have already started to decorate. It's my tradition to wait until the day after Thanksgiving but not everyone does apparently - which is fun because we all get to enjoy their festive decor!!


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