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Monday, December 20, 2010

before and after

The heavy rains we received a week ago led to a lot of flooding in our area and other areas of the province.  Dozens were flooded out of their homes and some have lost everything - homes and possessions - all right before Christmas. It has been devastating.  There were a few people who were in their vehicles and got swept away in the water rushing over the roads but thankfully none were injured and there were no deaths.  That is a miracle in itself!

I took some pictures on the way to church on Dec. 12 of the Keswick flats with snow on them.  It was a frosty morning and I was trying to get pictures of the trees.

The smooth snowy area is frozen from a previous rain that fills the
low parts of the fields.  The Keswick River flows into the St. John River
on the other side of these fields and when they overflow they fill up the 'flats'.

I took these through the salt stained car window.

These next pictures I took on Wednesday, the 15th, after the flood
waters had receded.  The water was 2 feet over this road and it was closed for 2 days.

This area is prone to flooding but mostly in the spring with the snow
melt and runoff.  It was very unusual to have this flood this late
in the year.  But, that's what 120 mm of rain will do.  I didn't
get to see the flood as the roads were impassible in some areas
where they were washed out and some bridges were also destroyed.

This is about the same shot as the first picture.  Thankfully, yesterday,the waters
 had receded to about where they were in the first picture.  However,
the damage has been done and will cost millions in repairs. My heart aches
for the hundreds who have lost so much, 
as they clean up and try to have Christmas without their
homes and belongings. 

This is near the Mactaquac Dam looking toward Mactaquac Park.

Looking up the St. John River.  You can see ice forming after the rains.
The headpond was so full that all the gates on the dam were opened
for 2 full days.  They closed them just before I got there to take
pictures of the flow.

I wish I could show you the pictures of other areas of the province that
were hard hit.  It truly is devastating.  I'm sure those affected would
appreciate our prayers in the weeks ahead and especially at Christmas.

Thank you for visiting me today. I'm going to post again tomorrow
so I hope you'll come back.


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  1. Pam the damage I saw on FB and the news left me speechless. Utter devastation! Those affected are indeed in my prayers!


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