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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

a Christmas house tour

We were invited to our friends home recently for a Christmas gathering
and before the guests arrived I took some pictures of their lovely home.
They love Christmas and decorating so when you see
the following pictures you'll see how talented they are.
The above picture is a close up of the garland on the stairwell
railing and banister.  I love all the white and silver with touches of red.

Come along and we'll take a little tour of their home.  We'll start in the living room.

Now we'll move on to the family room which is more traditional
and so very cozy.

Here are a couple of pictures of the outside of their home. 
It looks magical with all the white lights.  Their whole
yard is lit up - trees and shrubs - with flood lights and mini lights.

All you need is some warm clothes and hot cider to sit and
enjoy the lights on a cold winter night.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of this beautiful home.

Our weather here has been really unusual with temperatures yesterday
hitting 15 C and we had over 130 mm of rain in our area in one day!
Needless to say our snow is gone and sadly there are a lot of flooded
basements, homes, and roads with damage in the hundreds of thousands
of dollars. The St. John River will be reaching flood stage in the night
affecting hundreds of people along it's banks in the next few days. 
 It will not be a good Christmas for a lot of people. 
I know many of my readers are enduring bitterly cold weather and
lots of snow as well.  So, please take care when travelling
and at home.  Be safe.

I hope to see you again before Christmas.  Thanks for
stopping by today.



  1. Hi Pamela,
    Wow! There home is beautifully decorated for the season- their trees are amazing.
    The weather is very strange this year- we had a lot of rain too but not that much. It is too bad to have all that damage.


  2. Pam, I love your home :) If I was going to be home over Christmas, I'd come visit you and we could sit and drink hot apple cider :)

  3. Wow, this is a beautifully decorated home. I'm so impressed when folks go all out! I especially love that photo with the trees and deer! Stay cozy! Jacqueline

  4. Oh Pamela, the house is just gorgeous! And beautiful photography also. We have been 0 (F) at night, but have warmed up a little. It's now 32 but still freezing rain and treacherous roads. Lots of bitter cold and really hard for those who do not have adequate heating. I am so sorry to hear of flooding there too. Hopefully, people will get out and help each other get through it.

  5. I certainly enjoyed visiting your blog. Your photos are wonderful, and your friend's house is beautifully decorated. Thanks for sharing the photos. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas celebration.

    dotsie, aka podso


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