Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

never ending winter

This is the sky on Saturday morning.  The clouds had such a pretty
rainbow colour to them.  I didn't touch up this photo.

Our view ~ what a beautiful afternoon! The calm before the storm - so to speak.

This my hydrangea bush photographed from the window Sunday afternoon
after the big snowstorm Saturday night which brought
  about 25 cm. of heavy, wet snow.

Which led to this chore on Monday ~  our son, Mark, shovelling the snow off
of our roof.  Can you see how deep it is near the peak?  Over 2 feet deep. 

While Mark was shovelling, I was dog sitting Buckley and Marshall.
I think they smelled a squirrel under the shed.

They had a ball running and playing for nearly 2 hours.  This is the path
that my hubby snowblows around the back yard.  Now, you can see the
huge snowbanks forming from the snow off the roof.

This is the point of the winter where we wonder if it will ever melt!
Then we get a few mild days in March and it shrinks and by April it is pretty well gone!

Now he's on the garage roof.  He found out that the scoop works better
and faster.

On the fly!

After Mark finished our roofs he went next door to our neighbour's
and cleaned their deck and roof.  He was pretty tired, and so were the dogs
after all their running and playing.

I didn't let on to Mark that I was not just dog sitting, but, I was
also making sure he didn't fall off the roof and break something!
After he was done he jumped off into the snow pile!  (When he was in
his teens he used to ski off the garage roof!)  Oh yeah!  He likes to
live on the edge!

I hope we won't have to do this again this winter.

And, it's snowing again this morning!  Winter's not over yet.

I hope you aren't getting tired of my winter pictures.  I know.   I can't wait
until spring either!

Have a wonderfully blessed day!



  1. I am just getting caught up with blogs and yours popped up in my google reader.
    Wow! We sure don't have THAT much snow! Unbelievable! You might need a sunny retreat to get a break from all this winter:)

  2. Only two feet on the roof?? Why that's just a sprinklin! Just teasing! That is more than enough to have to shovel from anywhere, especially your roof!

    Your title for this post is so apt! We have another three inches and it is still coming down. We have so much snow it will take weeks of warm weather to melt it. I think the crocuses will be blooming and we won't even know it! LOL

    Stay warm and safe and keep those gorgeous pics coming!! Hugs!!

  3. Wow, lots of snow! This is my first winter out West, I am spending it here with my daughter this year, we are from Ontario. We have been fortunate to not get much snow, its nice for a change! Love your blog and pictures!

  4. I can't even imagine shoveling snow off my roof. It's hard enough to get it off the driveway. We've had a very cold winter, but seems like the really bad storms go around us. Our worst was a very nasty ice storm. Welcome to blogland ~ I'm your newest follower.

  5. Hi lovely lady. I see you are getting a lot of SNOW in your home town !! I also can't imagin shoveling snow of the roof !!!! Come on spring!!! I would like to Thank you so much for your lovely comment's on my Tablescapes for Valentine's Day you are so sweet.
    I hope you and your family have a nice day xxoo


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