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Spring 2018
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Sunday, March 20, 2011

happy spring!

Welcome Spring!  It's wonderful to know that you are finally here.  We still have snow on the ground and I believe there will be a few centimeters on Tuesday but, it's been sunny this weekend although only 2 C.

This is the full Lenten moon last evening.  It is rising over Fredericton,
our capital city of New Brunswick and it's reflecting on the St. John River.
Isn't it gorgeous?  I took this photo just down the road from our house.
There were cars parked and people with cameras all along the road.
Quite a sight!

From this ~

to this ~ hello sweet crocuses!

Our backyard a few weeks ago.

And this weekend!  What a difference.

We still have a long way to go before we see spring blossoms on the trees -
at least another month or more.  Our spring is usually long, snowy,
rainy and cool.  It is a very fickle season with temperature fluctuations
from -10 at night to +10 in the day or it could snow one minute
and be sunny the next.  The ground is still frozen, there is still snow -
a lot in some areas, the tree buds will swell with the sun but won't
burst open until May.  That's a long wait.  I sure would like to  wait
it out down south!!!

I hope you are enjoying this first day of spring where you are.

Have a blessed week!



  1. Pamela ~ Isn't it amazing how just a little time goes by and everything changes ~ That moon was incredible. Love your crocuses ;-)

  2. Wow, love the moon pic. I would have definitely been one of those people along side the road! Nice to see some of your snow gone, it won't be long now. :)

  3. Pamela,
    I welcome Spring with you!
    Your photos are gorgeous!
    Glad the snow is disappearing!
    Sunday Blessings!

  4. You did a marvelous job with the moon photo. I was captivated by a view of it as I drove to work early yesterday morning. It seemed to fill the sky and I could see all the craters, etc. It was hard to go in to work!

  5. Hi Pam! Oh, I'm so glad you took a picture of the moon. We so wanted to see it but our little island was socked in with fog and you couldn't see a thing! :) Wow, you've really had a lot of snow. I know it will be gone soon and spring will be popping out all over.
    How wonderful your hubby plays the keyboard. I've played those too but not two at a time! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. Your photos are lovely! I have seen so many beautiful pictures of the moon this week.

  7. Great photograph of the moon. We tried to take some here but they didn't come out very well!!! We are having Spring days here but cold nights!!
    We were at RHS Wisley Saturday afternoon and it was lovely to see all the families and friends enjoying the wonderful Spring flowers and fresh air.

    Have a good week and thank you for the comment on my resting blog!! Jackie in Surrey.

  8. No crocus up here yet! And like you, most all of our snow is gone, and I couldn't be happier. It snowed all day today but tomorrow it's supposed to be almost 50 degrees so it will disappear.

    You better go out and get some of that fresh maple syrup! Yum!

  9. What a gorgeous shot of the moon - I can't believe I missed it!! Lovely crocuses too - mine are not in bloom yet but they soon will be. It's so nice to see spring on the way - even if it is a mite slow :)

  10. That's a great shot of the moon, Pamela! It was so bright in our home that night that I didn't need to turn on the light when I had to get up through the night. I am so happy the snow is finally melting away! It was a very long winter. I welcome Springtime with open arms! Thanks for stopping by for tea and I hope you're enjoying this first week of Spring.


  11. Beautiful photos! I just realized where you live -- I have been to New Brunswick! We used to live at Loring AFB in Maine and my mother is from Van Buren, Maine. I remember visiting the University of New Brunswick... such a beautiful area!

  12. Beautiful pictures. I especially like the moon reflected in the river. It was a spectacular one and I took a few, but none are as pretty as yours.

  13. Beautiful images, Pamela!

    Thanks so much for visiting the Back Porch.

  14. You captured the moon in a very special way. I do agree with your comments about winter. we have to wait so long for spring here too. I would love to have more than 4 or 5 months to enjoy my three favorite seasons!


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