Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Monday, March 7, 2011

snow is melting!

This picture was taken on March 3 from the bedroom window.  As you can see there is a lot of snow! Well, the weekend brought mild temperatures of 8 C and southerly winds that worked it's magic.

This next picture was taken yesterday, March 6 while it was raining.

Can you see the difference??

The snow is melting!

I even spied a few green leaves of the crocuses poking up from
behind and under the 3 foot snow bank that is shrinking.

We've had freezing rain here all morning and now it is pouring rain
and foggy but cold at 1.7 C.

But, the snow is melting!!

Can you tell I'm excited??

Oh, I know we'll get some more snow even after it
is officially spring ~ 2 weeks from today ~ but I can
live with that because it will melt under the warm sun.
There's an old saying "Spring snow melts winter snow".
It's true.  It works!
And another old saying "Spring snow is a poor farmer's fertilizer".
Have you heard that one before?

And, I do believe Daylight Saving Time begins this coming Sunday.
Another bonus ~ longer days.

I hope your day is going well.
Thank you for stopping by and I'm happy some of you have
tried the Banana Crunch Bread recipe I posted on Saturday.
I hope you liked it as much as I do. :-)



  1. I like your snow sayings. And thanks for the time change reminder, I had forgotten!

  2. I have never heard those snow saying, but I'm sure they are true.
    You lucky duck! Our snow is far from melting still.
    Hugs, Cindy

  3. Very cool pics. I too am waiting patiently for me it is the arrival of the robin and the birds all chirping while they prepare their nests....spring, love it.

  4. Yes I can tell you're excited - I sure would be too. I hope before you know it you'll be able to see a little green grass. Spring can't come fast enough for me. Sunshine Always!

  5. Yes, you do sound excited and enthusiastic Pamela!
    I am right there with you!
    and yes, I have heard of poor man's fertilizer (from someone in PEI)
    We've got enough to last the year, me thinks:)

  6. I have definitely heard that snow puts nutrients in the soil! We have had a very quiet Feb and March, so I"m wondering what's in the forecast. Just hoping the apple crops, etc., are not ruined with a freeze. I am ready for spring, though also!! Thanks for stopping by!!!

  7. I love the optimism of your photos. Spring snow melts winter snow. That's a great saying!

    Here's to sunny days!


  8. Hi Pam

    I've heard of poor man's fertilizer but not "spring snow melts winter snow" - but I like it

    I use a free photo app called Photoscape. I use it to edit all my pictures as well as make the banner. You make the banner under the "page" tab of the program. Very simple! I just make it large and then crop the bottom off leaving the top row - voila - a banner!

    If you have any questions just email me

    Now I think I'll go check and see if any of my crocuses are poking up under the snow! :)

  9. I, too am excited that the snow is melting. Both of your snow sayings are familiar to me. Next week the days get longer and spring is coming. I don't mind snow in March because there is warmth inthe sun to melt it. Thanks for sharing the pictures


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