Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Friday, March 25, 2011

time for a change ~ spring decor

It's time for a change as spring is here!
I changed out the pillows on the sofa from striped to spring-green checked
and I found a new quilted throw at Winner's.  It has spring-green and tan on the
white background so it coordinates with the pillows.

I couldn't believe it when I put them together!  I bought the pillows at
Fabricville last spring.

China cabinet before



I've added some pastels and Easter decor here.  The china bunny on
the left is a pitcher that I found at Winner's.  They had other items there to match too.
  The one on the right I got there 2 years ago.

Here's a closer look at this bunny pitcher.  Isn't she sweet?

Here is a closeup of a couple of vintage Easter chicks that I found.
They are made of cotton and are much cuter than the newer bright yellow
ones made today.

This little guy is very old.  My mother thought it was hung from an old
gas light in the farmhouse and held matches. There are 3 tiny holes near
the top of the egg that could have had chain linked through for such a purpose.

Has anyone ever seen such an item? 

 You can also see that there are a
few holes and cracks in it.  I happend to break it and my hubby glued
it back together as best as he could.

Here are the markings on the bottom of it.  # 2670 near the edge and
#33 painted on the lower right.

I also changed out the two smaller oval plates on the bottom shelf with
2 hand painted floral plates.

This is a vintage pillow cover that I got from my sister.  The top has
embroidered flowers on it and it flips up so you can place a pillow form
inside the opening underneath.  I like it on our bed.

Here is a closeup of the embroidery.

I moved this tray to the oak 'island' in the kitchen.

Table top in the front entry.  I'm trying to 'force' the dogwood branches.
I did that last year and the tiny leaves came out after a few weeks.

One of my side tables.

I added the old dresser mirror above the oak commode.

A closeup of the detail, scratches and all.  It looks like cornflower.

That is my spring decorating for now.  I am readying our bedroom for
painting so it is stripped of it's decor and all that stuff is stashed in
the spare bedroom.  What a mess!

Have you decorated for spring yet? 

I want to say a big Thank You to all you, my faithful followers
and visitors, who have left such lovely comments on my recent
posts.  It is very encouraging as there are days when I just wonder
"Why am I doing this? What will I ever post today?"

Blogging during the winter months has been a blessing and has kept
me sane and helped me get through the cold, dark winter days (and nights).
I have had to use my writing skills, photography skills (?) and my
brain (??) to keep up with the posts.  It's all good!

As we move into spring and I have to be outdoors doing gardening and
yardwork I may not be able to keep up with as many posts.
But, I'll sure try and I'll try to stay in touch and follow along with
my favorites too!  I truly enjoy blogging as a creative outlet.

Hubby and I are off to the Home Show in Fredericton this evening and
hopefully to the Sugarbush Weekend at Kings Landing Historical Settlement
tomorrow.  I will have some pictures of it to show you later.

What are you doing this weekend?

I wish you blessings, whatever you do!


Parting shot


  1. Hi Pamela,
    Such lovely photographs! I love all of your pretty changes for Spring, the green in your new quilt and pillows is really lovely. The bunnies are darling, I have a gift card from Winners, maybe I should look for a few rabbits, I have never had any of those before. The vintage egg is adorable!
    Have a beautiful weekend, my friend.
    Love and hugs, Cindy

  2. Hi Pamela, a great post and I can see you are in a Spring / Easter frame of mind. I am going to cut some dogwood and put it in a vase, great idea. Enjoy your weekend and I look forward to seeing the photographs as I have never heard of a Sugarbush Weekend.
    Thank you for all the comments you leave on my blog and if ever Murray goes back to his radio he must give Phil a shout. They can always use EQSO via the PC and you don't need a mast!!

    Have a great weekend, Jackie in Surrey.

  3. Hi Pamela. Such a beautiful home, you will have to show us more! Love your spring decor, love, love the quilt. My daughter and I love quilts, she more so and I know she will now want to check out Winners once I show her your sweet quilt. Have a great weekend and enjoy the Sugarbush Weekend...sounds like fun!

  4. Hi Pamela! Oh, Spring has sprung at your house! Everything looks so pretty!
    That little egg/boy thing is darling!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. Hello Pamela,
    What perfect finds as if they were meant for each other - love your changes to the hutch - so springy and cheerful! Brilliant choices!
    God Bless,

  6. A very inspiring post- just the thing after a Canadian winter!!! Gilly in BC

  7. You know that quilt is perfect with the pillows. I love green! Isn't it amazing how changing a few little things around or adding some new brings such refreshment and feeling of change and newness? Have a good weekend and enjoy your outdoor work!

  8. So lovely and fresh!! and you've given me some ideas - we just bought a new sofa and loveseat. I'm heading into Winners to see if I can find a nice springy afghan too. Good idea to look at Fabricville for cushions too - thanks!!

    We'll make spring indoors if our outdoors won't cooperate :)

  9. Your spring decorating is lovely. I started yesterday lightening things up and will make new pillow covers for our bed this morning. I changed the decor there and today is the buffet rearrangement day. It sure helps with the I can't wait for Spring moments and I understand your feelings. When winter is so long it does help to see how other bloggers are feeling and what ideas they are coming up with as they wait for spring.

  10. Your place looks fantastic. I have got to adopt that thinking, maybe it will help me get out of this winter-slump surrounded by snow. You have a lot of special pieces there, that little guy that you are asking about is very it.


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