Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

a year ago today - vacation time

We have never been on a vacation "south" in winter or spring or anytime until last April.  We have been to Kentucky and Tennessee in late spring but our trip south last spring was the first ever.  Where did we go?
We went to Myrtle Beach, S.C.  I was so excited to be going south where the weather is warmer and the ocean and beach and shopping were an added bonus!

Our good friends, Barb and Arend, invited us to spend a week with them at their condo where they rent every April.  We left on April 6 and drove in our 9 year old Taurus wagon.  I should tell you that we were supposed to leave on the 5th but when we woke in the morning to the smell of gas in the house (as in gasoline) we were alarmed to find that the car's gas tank was leaking in the garage - just a small drip from a full tank of gas!!  So, we were delayed for a day having a new gas tank installed.

We had an unseasonably warm and early spring last year here (it was in the mid-20's C here that week) and by the time we got to New York and Pennsylvania it was 30 C. (90F) and humid!  We loved it!

Unfortuantely we had more car problems and had to stay in Middletown N.Y.
over night to have repairs done.  We spent the morning at the Ford dealership
on a hot, sunny day.  Boring!  I noticed this old house across the road so
I went for a walk and took some pictures.

An old grape vine was taking over the front porch.  I wondered if
this old house was on a farm at one time that is now taken over by
car dealerships and other businesses.  It looked very sad.

This was a pretty town in Pennsylvania but I forget the name of it.
You can almost see the heat and haze through the car window.

After a 3 day drive, 2 nights in motels and many stops for car troubles,
we arrived in Myrtle Beach at suppertime on the 8th.  After a nice supper
we went for our first walk on the beach  - in the dark.  The wind was warm
the sand cold and the waves crashed to the shore.  It was still in the 20's.

The next day we had our first glimpse of the beach in the daylight.

The left - looking north.

The right - looking south.

We walked to the second pier behind the one visible almost every day.

Now, I am a cold blooded person.  I crave warmth.  I admit it was nice to be
on a nice sandy beach next to the ocean but with the wind blowing off the ocean
the temperatures were only around 68 to 72 F every day.  I hate to say it but,
I had to wear a hoodie most of the time.  Sorry, friends, but I don't like the wind!
It chills me to the bone.  But, I endured and did go in bare arms too. ;-)

Hubby (in the middle) and our friends.

See!  I took off my hoodie! :-) I wore the hat all the time to keep my
hair tamed down.  I also wore sunscreen as I burn easily.  No dark tan
for me or hubby! 

It is a beautiful place and I will share more pics another day.
We made a trip to Charleston too and I LOVED it there!
I want to go there again and stay a few days because there's
so much to see and do.

I would like to thank each and every one of you that visited my blog yesterday
for Shelia's Heart of the Home Party.  I appreciate each one of you and
your encouraging comments regarding our future kitchen renovation.  It
is going to be fun and stressful and overwhelming and dirty....But, it
will be worth it.  I hope!  Yes, it will!  I'll will definitely do a post or two
about it all so you can see the changes.

I wish you all a blessed day.



  1. That was a bit of a journey but certainly seemed worthwhile. The beach seems to go on and on. I am pleased to see that you kept your hats on and sun cream, a very high factor one I hope as the sea breeze can be dangerous. I am always promoting staying out of the sun unless you are covered up and / or have a high factor sun cream on. Phil was diagnosed with a malignant melanoma two and a half years ago. Had a big op to remove it, has three monthly check ups and he has never been one to sunbathe. He always wears a hat as you can see from his photograph on my blog he has very little hair and wears long shirts and never shorts!!

    He is not one of those "Mad (dogs and) Englishman who go out in the midday sun"

    Looking forward to seeing more of your holiday snaps. Hope the journey home went better than the journey there??

    Jackie in Surrey, UK.

  2. Hi Pamela,
    Oh what fun to go to SC in the Spring! I have never been that far East. Chicago is probably as far East as I have ever been. I would so LOVE to see the ocean right now, I can't even go to our closest lake which is HUGE and you feel like you are at the ocean when you see it. I think it is the 12th largest lake in the world. Don't quote me on that, but I heard that recently. It gives you an idea of how large Lake Winnipeg is, though.
    Your photos are wonderful, have a great evening, I am off to teach on Modesty at my Today's Christian Girl club tonight.
    Love and hugs, Cindy

  3. Hi Pamela,
    We went to Myrtle Beach for a day several years ago when we went to N.C. to visit my SIL-great shopping!
    Last year my husband and I went to Charleston for a week and we loved it. I want to go back too.

    It will be lovely to have a kitchen makeover- i am sure you will love it.


  4. Hello Pamela, It was great reading about your trip last year. I was looking at my antiques in the kitchen this morning and thought of you. I have a collection of the blue canning jars and thought it might be nice to display them as you have. Good luck with the renovations!

  5. Sounds and looks like a great vacation you had. Me and the kids have gone to Florida a few times during their March breaks and it has always been good weather and great times. It is so nice and beautiful there in the winter. Your cars sounds like mine. Ol' when it wants to and doesn't when it gets tired! lol The pics were great, show us more soon.

    The market we visit in Saint John, NB is the Hay Market Square. Just love the place. When you're done at the Market, you stroll down to the pier and watch the cruise line ships come in...fantastic! And of course always get my dulse at the market. My Mom will get her periwinkle....not my thing, but she loves them.

    Anyway, hope your enjoying the sunshine! Diane

  6. It sounds like you had a wonderful time, once you got there! The PA town looks a lot like Milford, one town over from where my husband grew up, but not sure. Yes Charleston is a wonderful place. We hope to stop by there next week.

  7. I am probably the odd person who likes to beach in the off season. Myrtle Beach was just over 1 hour away when I lived in SC as a teen - I am not one prone to sunbathing either - my sister on the other hand plans trips there throughout the summer - it is a very lovely place - So glad all worked out so you could finally make it and have a good time.
    Sending warm Georgia sunshine your way :)

  8. Such great photos as always! I would LOVE to get my hands on that old house....

    Take care,


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