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Spring 2018
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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

chickens gather for a spring lunch

About 2 years or so ago I joined a group of lovely local ladies for a weekly Bible study.  We were affectionately called 'chickens' by one of the ladies and the name stuck.  We have been learning and growing and sharing our various lives with each other through the study of God's word.

Even though we don't all go to the same church we all share a common faith and love for our Lord Jesus.  We are there for each other in our joys and our sorrows and there have been many of both along the way.

Today we had our meeting at my home chicken coop.  After our study we shared a lovely and delicious lunch.  I decided that since it is spring and almost Easter I would set the table in a spring theme.

The table cloth is what I call "Beth Moore Green" as spring green is
apparently her favorite colour.  I used my Denby Shamrock stoneware.

The centerpiece is green and yellow Peeps stuck on skewers.
I stuck the skewers in a vintage flower frog and surrounded it with
eggs all in this fluted milk glass bowl.

I can honestly say that I ate my very first Peep today!
I always saw them advertised in American magazines but
they weren't available here in Canada until a few years ago.
I think they are pretty sweet!!  As in sugary sweet!!!

I found these cute little chicks on green nests at Dollarama.
The napkins came from Winners.

This is my lemon chiffon cake.  I didn't get the consistency of the
'frosting' done quite right but it was delicious.  I just put the extra
frosting in a bowl for my guests to add to their cake slice!

The cake is a box mix called French Vanilla.  The frosting is made from
a packet of cooked lemon pie filling (using a whole egg) and a third of a container of
Cool Whip topping.  That's where I didn't get the mix right.  I should have used just part
of the pie filling so it won't be so runny.  Live and learn ;-)  Keep it refrigerated if it's
not all gone!!

My spring bonnet.

We had a lovely lunch and lots of laughter and sharing.  I feel very
honoured to be part of this special group of 'chickens' and my life
has been richly blessed with their sweet fellowship.

Thanks for stopping by today.  I appreciate each one of you,
my friends, and hope you'll visit again.




  1. Hi Pamela. Your table setting looks very inviting. Love the centre piece.

    Funny, I tried for the first time this year those Peeps too and yes they are sugary...but yummy. I myself love the "Pal-O-Mine" chocolate bars you can only get in the Maritimes...yes, we do not get those choc bars in Ontario, but on occasion you do find one up here, but they cost a bundle...crazy, but also yummy! Diane

  2. Pamela ~ your table looks very inviting and fun ~ I tried the peeps ~ all I can say is SUGARY ~ wow ;-)

  3. Pamela,
    Sounds like it was a perfect way to spend the day...love the table decorations and the cute name that has stuck.
    Our group is called:
    Sister Chicks (not very original though)
    and we also enjoy laughter along with sharing, food and fellowship...such a blessing!

  4. Hello dear Pamela,
    Your group sounds wonderful! And your table looks so pretty! You did a great job on it and that cake sounds divine!!!
    Hugs, Cindy

  5. Ah, peeps remind me of Easter! Glad you finally had a taste. So funny I recognized that photo of Milford! And love your Charleston pics. We'll be there the day after tomorrow. Haven't seen that new bridge yet, but will be seeing it soon!

  6. Such a pretty tablescape!
    I hope you will post the entire recipe....looks like a good one~

  7. Morning Pamela, that is what home groups should be about for me, sharing a meal, sharing the up and downs of life, tears and laughter.

    Your table looks lovely and Eastery. I will have to go to the American store near here and see if they sell "peeps" just so I can try one.

    Have a good day, Jackie in Surrey UK

  8. Morning girl...the table looks so pretty and I bet that cake was fantastic tasting! I haven't ate a peep in years....they are just way too sweet! lol I think it is wonderful to have a group of friends that can come together even from different faiths and love and support each other like that. Thanks so much for coming by and for the sweet comment...hope you are having a great week...Picket

  9. My husband loves peeps, but he has to take them out of the box and let them dry out and get hard first, LOL!

  10. Hi Pamela! Oh, this sounds fun and I love the sweet table! Look at all those little Peeps! My family could eat their weight in them.
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  11. What a wonderful group of friends you have! You are blessed. Peeps are too sweet for me. But that cake, oh my! Looks yummy!


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