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Spring 2018
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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cooper Bridge S.C.

While in South Carolina last April we drove across this magnificant bridge called the Cooper Bridge which crosses into Charleston S.C.

This view was from a tourist information building on the north
end of the bridge.

I have met a blogger Diane, of Cozy Canadian Cottage, whose
daughter is interested in architecture so I thought I'd post
more pictures of this beautiful bridge for her and for you too!

This is going across the bridge.

We found this view down some back streets to the river.
The smoke on the right end is from a tractor trailer crossing the bridge.

Going back north.

Isn't it a beautiful sight? Amazing architecture!

Today, Sunday, (and yesterday) were beautiful spring weather days here.
It was sunny and about 15 C (58F) which is nice for our area.

This is a lily poking through the dirt in the garden.
I was surprised to see it  but it is on the south end of the house.
Just last weekend there was a foot of fresh snow on it!

The back field behind my neighbours fence.  Yes, there's still snow.
We are to get rain the next 2 days so I hope most of it will be gone
after that.

We even sat on our back deck after lunch today and had our tea
while listening to the birds singing in the trees and imagining we
were in South Carolina. :-)  (I believe we
both dozed off )  It was wonderful to feel the heat from the sun
and the warmer southerly breeze instead of the biting north wind.

This is where we sat.  Bare bones decor as it's a bit too early
to put out tables and other decor and definitely too early for plants!
These chairs usually go on the front deck but we start out here
with them because the sun shines here in the afternoon and it's
too cool in the shade out front yet.

I hope you have had a good weekend and that the week ahead
will be blessed in many ways!  See you soon.




  1. Thanks so much Pam. Not only does daughter love bridges, but I too also think they have a certain fascination and mystery to them. For years I had a fear of bridges, so imagine me trying to cross the PEI Confederation Bridge!! I had to wait till it got dark to cross....I was a big chicken then, much better now though! Diane

  2. I remember that bridge from my visit to SC... Your photos of it are stunning Pam!!

    My lilies are coming up too and the nurseries have their pansies for sale! I just had to buy some to welcome spring....finally!!

    Have a wonderful week!

  3. Morning Pamela, that is some bridge and great photography as I guess for a couple you were in a moving car! I have a lily showing and last year they were beautiful in the Summer. It is surprising how much survives the weather. You must of been very contented to have a little nap on the decking listening to the bird song.

    Have a great week, Jackie in Surrey, UK.

  4. Hi Pamela,
    What great photos! That bridge is amazing!
    Would you believe that it was 21 deg. C on our patio today!!!
    Did you meet Diane for in real life. I have never been to her blog, I don't think, so I shall have to go over.
    Hugs, Cindy

  5. The photos of Cooper Bridge are amazing! Glad you have a sunny spot to enjoy the spring days!


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