Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Saturday, April 16, 2011

a favorite spot in my neighbour's yard

This is a corner of our neighbour's garden.

I love this view.  Quite often when I'm out around the yard - usually
chasing after Marshall - I stop and look through this spot up to the hill
and field that goes back of our properties.
This photo was taken late afternoon in the early fall.  The field grass is long,
the rudbekia is in bloom, the air is hazy.

This photo was taken last September 1.  The field is mowed
behind the fence now.  It looks so green and lush even
near the end of the season.

Sepia tone.

First snow - 2008 - looks so pretty and soft until the grasses are
flattened under the weight of many snowfalls.

Spring - last week.  The flowers, grass and trees are dormant.
But soon it will be green and colourful again.  That snow is gone now.

I'm waiting. 

And so is my neighbour.

Gardening season is coming.

And so is mowing season!

Lots of work to do.

Planning and planting.

Are you looking forward to spring?

Or has it already sprung?

It was very cold here last night at -9C but it may go up to +6 this afternoon.
I want to do some yardwork but being bundled in a ski jacket, hat, gloves
and boots to do it makes me feel like it's November not mid-April!
There's a lot of debris from the trees to rake and clean up so
I will get at it.  Right now.  See you later...

I hope you are enjoying your weekend whatever the weather might be.




  1. Beautiful landscaping, very calming and serene. You are lucky to have a view of this small piece of heaven in your back yard! Have a great weekend, stay warm! Diane

  2. I loved seeing the corner of your yard and that peaceful view. Beautiful photos. We were snow free for one whole day and have had another few days of winter weather. I'm crossing my fingers that by next week we can see the land once again. I hope that your spring will soon be warmer.

  3. Dear Pamela,
    I "stumbled" upon your blog after looking at Sheila's Note Song blog... isn't she a riot!?
    Very nice photos. Just thought I'd let you know I took a look. Please visit my blog too!

  4. I think we all have a favourite spot if we stop and think about it. Yours is certainly lovely and I really like the fact you have it in image over the seasons. I enjoyed this post.

  5. What a beautiful view out over your neighbors yard.
    It snowed over the weekend here, very wet snow and it disappeared not long after it fell. It was in the minus single digits overnight, but it is forecast-ed to go to +10 or so today! It is sunny now and most of this week is supposed to be sunny! Hallelujah!!! I love the sunny Spring days!
    Hugs, Cindy


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