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Monday, April 4, 2011

heart of the home and a future reno

I am joining Shelia at Note Songs for her "Heart of the Home Party".  I didn't really know what to post for this today as my kitchen is not as nice or fancy as some I have been looking at.  If this party were in a few months time I'd have a brand new kitchen to show you with new cupboards including a china cupboard and pantry, which I'd be proud to show off.  So, I will swallow my pride and show you my 'old' kitchen as it is today. 

My kitchen, as is yours, is the heart of my home where we have lived for almost 34 years.  We bought our house when it was already 5 years old and we were thrilled to have our own home to start out married life in.  We have been doing many renovations over the years and this year it will be the kitchen.  I'm not looking forward to all the mess involved and being 'displaced' for 2 or 3 weeks but I hear it will be worth it in the end!  It will be won't it??

I know some people don't like clutter but I collect old cookie cutters,
kitchen gadgets, etc. so they are displayed on the counter.  Once
the new kitchen is built I may change that decor.

The glass jars are vintage as are the cutting boards. I like a
little lamp on when it is a dreary day and in the evenings.
I am going to look for a new one.
The new cabinets will be 'coconut' white Shaker style with
brushed nickel bin pulls and knobs.  The counter top will be
granite-look laminate in a creamy tone. I'm keeping it light and bright!

King Cole tea bags are home to this jar on the left and the one on the
right contains odd kitchen gadgets like old milk bottle caps
and a homemade donut cutter (I've never made a donut!)  :-)

My cookie cutter collection and Easter eggs in a Cadbury jar.

A little Easter chick sits in front of another jar with an artificial
bird's nest with 3 turquoise wooden eggs in it.

Aren't these little vintage chicken egg cups cute?
I think Shelia would love these for her kitchen :-)

Gotta love that melamine!  ;-(

Back to the makeover to come.  The bulkhead all around the kitchen
will be gone as will the valance over the window.  There will
be 2 glass doors in the corner and all the cupboards will go up to the ceiling.
Due to the small size
of the kitchen we will have to install an apartment sized dishwasher to
the right of the sink. (yes, I've gone almost 34 years without a dishwasher!)
The sink will be replaced with a sink and a half for space too.  I'm not
sure if I'll like it as I'm so used to the double size and love to wash dishes
by hand.  You get used to it after all that time!

This is looking from the dining room into the kitchen.  The cupboard
on the left is coming out and will be replaced with a 2' wide built-in
china cupboard with glass doors on the top.  It's a peninsula and it will
have drawers and doors on the dining room side for storage that I can
actually access.  And that ugly bulkhead will be gone!

The other side of the kitchen.  The fridge and pantry will be switched - I think.
That's a big decision.  I could just reverse the doors on the fridge and leave it there.
The new microwave will go over the stove and I'll have a full pantry.
  I have food and baking goods in every other cupboard so
it will be great to have it all in one place!

This is the back door (and ugly garbage can and the dog bowls!)
and the closet that will be reconfigured.  Good bye bi-fold doors.
A whole new double door (center opening) with more convenient
shelving and a place for my ironing board and broom, etc. will be there!

I can't wait for it all to begin, hopefully by May. We will be doing
a lot of barbecuing and microwaving and perhaps eating out during the process.
 I'll be sure to take lots of pictures and will do a post of the renovation when it's complete.

I hope you didn't mind a tour of my 'old kitchen'!  It has been the
heart of my home for 34 years but it's time for a 'change of heart',
 so to speak.
Please drop by to visit Shelia at Notesongs and join the
Heart of the Home Party.

I hope you have a delightful day!




  1. Oh boy... a new kitchen! Very exciting. I love the display of your sweet collectibles... especially the vintage cookie cutters!

    SO fun stopping by to visit with you!
    Kindly, Lorraine

  2. How fun to get a new kitchen. In many ways your kitchen looks familiar or reminds me of mine. i love those old things, have a small lamp as you do, AND love to wash dishes by hand!! But it is nice to clear up quickly with guests and a crowd so for that I enjoy the dishwasher.

  3. I think your "old kitchen" is very sweet. I can see myself hanging out there! I see you like King Cole tea, I am a Red Rose drinker myself....no problem, I can bring my own! lol And while I'm in NB, I will have to go to the market for fresh dulse...yummm...straight from the sea. Looking forward to pics of the "new kitchen". Diane :)

  4. Oh, this is so exciting. As you know I just came out of this state...state of mind...being...you know or at least you soon will know. I am so excited to follow the process. You have such a great space to work with and it sounds like you have some fun plans already to go. I loved this process so much that once completed I could not believe we had waited so long. I think the secret for me was "purge".

  5. You must remember to show a post of all the work when it is finished. I can tell it's going to be just beautiful! Lucky you!!

  6. Morning girl...love the old cookie cutters in the jar! Your new kitchen redo sounds like it will be so beautiful...and yes it is worth all the mess! lol Each time I have to paint and mess up the whole house by clearing out the room...I tell myself I am nuts to put myself thru that but when the room is done and put back together ohhhh I am so happy! lol Thanks for comging by sweetie...have a great week...Picket

  7. I absolutely believe your kitchen makeover will be wonderful and worth every minute of the work involved. I can't wait to see it!

    I am one of those clutterless folks. I do not see clutter in your kitchen!:-) I love how you have your cookie cutters displayed. Those glass jars are a favorite of mine.

  8. What fun it must be to plan a whole new kitchen makeover like that!! I can't wait to see the finished space!!

  9. Hi Pamela! Oh, I've just loved coming to see your kitchen. I love all your vintage things in those olden jars and yes, you're so right! I love those cute little egg cups! I'm so excited for you to be getting a new kitchen. This post, although your kitchen really is nice now, can be your 'before' and then you can show us your new kitchen.
    Thank you so much, Pamela, for coming to my party.
    You are a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  10. Pamela,
    Your heart of the home represents joy of life and love...perfect traits! Can't wait to see the unfolding of your new kitchen~!
    Thank you for your sweet comment at Seasonal Hearth...knowing I did the right thing, I will still miss the blogging community!
    Which is why I popped over:)

  11. I think your kitchen is very nice...the cabinets are cute and I love the pulls. And nothing looks cluttered compared to my counters...I call it 'organized clutter'!!

    I know you are excited for your new kitchen. Please share pictures!


  12. Your heart of the home is warm and inviting already. I'm looking forward to your future posts. Hugs Katherine

  13. Thank you Pamela for dropping by and for the lovely comments! I love your new kitchen, mine is a year old and everytime I go in it, I feel great! It's so much more organized. I love the color of your wood cabinets and I'm in the same dilema as you, my fridge is white and the cabinets are wood color as well, and I don't want to change it as it's still working great! Who knows, maybe we will to a silver sub-zero...meanwhile, I'm happy.

  14. That's not clutter - that's personality! Love collections, and I love that you have your cookie cutters displayed in the jar. How fun to be getting a kitchen redo. It's kind of like giving birth - not fun when it's happening, but wonderful when you're done. laurie

  15. I don't see clutter! I see collections! I love how you are using those glass jars for storage. What a good idea! And while i like your cabinets just fine, I know how much fun it is go redo a kichten and would like to see what you do with this. I think cabinets to the ceiling will raise the ceiling and make the kitchen seem more spacious. Good idea. I washed by hand for years, too, but I have to admit, I love my dishwasher.


    Sheila :-0

  16. That was supposed to be a smiley face... but I made a typo. It's late... :-)

  17. I love the cabinets you have...wish I had them. Trish

  18. I love the tour of your kitchen! And I can totally relate! We have that ugly bulkhead over our cabintes too, but I never really new what to call it. My husband and I would love to re-do our kitchen as the configuration is quite poor, and the cabinets from 1975, but we just can't afford it so we'll live with what we have. It's not that bad.

    That melamine counter top will last for-EVER, though I'm not sure anyone would want it to. I say if your changing out your kitchen it's time to change out the decor to something much more modern. As you may know I'm an interior painter. It's always disheartening to see someone modernize a room and than put all the old stuff back in. It just doesn't go. 'Keep the classics, ditch the crap' That's pretty much my motto in my own home. My husband just wants to ditch everything. LOL!

    Take lots of pictures during your remodel!

  19. Hi Pamela,
    You have some wonderful plans, I could visualize it as you spoke and it sounds beautiful! I know you will love it. And if you are only displaced for a couple of weeks it won't be so bad. We had our kitchen renovated in January and February and it took about four weeks from start to finish. I had about had it by then, in fact I left and went to my daughters for part of it:) It won't be bad in May. I am very excited for you!!!
    How nice that you have been able to live in one house for more than thirty years, I envy that.
    I love all of your collections, they are so fun.
    Have a lovely day, my friend,

  20. Pamela - I think your kitchen is charming and the use of glass jars to hold collections is such a wonderful idea. I know that you'll be looking forward to an update, but the love that's gone into the meals and things you've baked for your family is important - not the type of counter tops. Your kitchen tells a family story and I think it's wonderful that it will be given a makeover to make storage easier for you. Hope all goes well.

  21. Hi lovely lady. I love your wonderful sweet kitchen sweet lady ~~~ I also use glass jars for lot's of things like you do. I would like to Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my new Tablescape I just put on so sweet .. I hope you have a Great Day and the Sun is shining down on you today and always.

  22. What a fabulous kitchen it sounds like you're going to have. I hope it all goes smoothly for you and I'm looking forward to seeing your progress.


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