Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Monday, April 25, 2011

Laura Secord Easter egg and a heroine

One of my favorite Easter treats is a Laura Secord Easter egg.  I went out and bought one so I could show you what I was referring to in my post about Childhood Easter Memories that I wrote on Wednesday, April 20. 

Here is the box which hasn't changed much over the years.
Do you see that tablecloth?  I'll tell you all about it later in the week.

Looking at the wrapped egg laying in excelsior in the box.

Dark chocolate covered goodness.

Doesn't that look yummy??  All that creamy yolk....oh my!

See the piece on the right?  I ate it after I took the pictures. :-)

And, it tasted very good. 

Who was Laura Secord and why are there chocolates by this name?
I decided to Google the name and this is some of what I learned.

Laura Secord is respected as a true hero in that, but for her, Canada might
have been another part of the United States.  (no offence to my American friends!)
She was born in the United States but her widowed
father moved them to Queenston on the Kingston Peninsula (Niagara area)
 of Canada in 1795.  In 1777 she married James Secord.
The War of 1812 was going on and being that Queenston was near the
American border the people were vary aware of the battles nearby.
James went to war and was wounded.  Laura went looking for him when
he didn't return home, found him and nursed him in their home.
American officers seized their home and she had to serve them meals.
She overheard some officers discussing plans to surpirsingly crush their
British opponents led by Lieutenant FitzGibbon.
Laura made the 19 mile journey on foot through woods and swamps to warn
the British.  She was aided by Iroquois indians and reached FitzGibbon safely.
The expected surprise attack fizzled out and the Americans again were
driven back.
FitzGibbon's writings confirmed Laura Secord's story and she was honoured
by the Prince of Wales with a gift of 100 pounds.

In 1913 Frank P. O'Conner started a Toronto business of hand-made chocolates.
Because Laura Secord was an icon of courage, devotion and loyalty he
named the business for her.
There are 130 stores across Canada and Laura Secord is the largest and
best known chocolatier in Canada.

Now you know the story behind Laura Secord Chocolates.

Our Easter musical drama was a great success with dozens of very gifted
and talented people taking part.  We had over 800 at both evening programs.
Part of the story line takes place in a hospital emergency room (hence the props)
and also follows the life of Jesus with many powerful biblical scenes.

Here is a picture of our church band.

My hubby, the keyboard player, is the third from the left.

I hope you had a wonderfully blessed Easter weekend.

I'll be back tomorrow for Tea Time Tuesday.  I hope you will
come back and see my unique teacup.



The egg is almost gone.
I should have bought more.


  1. Interesting story! You are doing eating that deliciousness so slowly! Glad your Easter program went so well!

  2. Guess where I will be today...wait stores are closed today....ok tomorrow? Laura Secord...yum! Your pic remained me why I love this goody so much. The only thing with this chocolate is that you have to eat it in moderation....lots and lots of sugar, but very, very good. Loved your historical rendering, I love all things history. I was so born in the wrong century! Great post. Diane

  3. Oh yummy! I could really go for that candy! I'd never make it last as long as you have though. ;)
    Sounds like your Easter drama was a huge success! I know that was due to a lot of hard work. Congrats.

  4. Interesting story Pam, I didn't know the story about Laura Secord. All I know is that I love her chocolate!! Have never had one of the eggs but they look yummy!
    So pleased to hear the good reports on your Easter drama, that is wonderful! blessings.....kathy

  5. This is my husbands favourite for Easter chocolate. This year I panicked when I realized I had not bought him one but luckily they have become easier to find outside of the Laura Secord shop. Hope you had a lovely Easter.


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