Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Thursday, April 28, 2011

a moose and a horse

On last Thursday morning around 7:30, I glanced out the kitchen window and saw a large black animal on my neighbours driveway.  I thought it was a horse that had gotten away from someone's farm.  That happens sometimes.  We've had horses and cows in our own yard over the years - escapees from nearby farms. 

One time about 30 years ago there were 3 white cows in the corner where there used to be a fence.  I had never seen white cows around our area before so I started calling farmers up the road and found out these belonged to a farmer over the hill and across the water - about 1 mile or so away as the crow flies.  Come to find, out these cows somehow crossed the headpond either by swimming ??? or walking across the causeway.  Someone said they saw them in the water the evening before.  So after their swim/walk across the headpond they walked up the steep hill through woods and fields to our backyard!  The farmer came with a truck and colleted his cows.  I think I have a photo of them somewhere.  But, it's a true story!

But, I digress.  The huge black animal in the driveway, which I thought was a horse, was not a horse, but a moose!  It started walking toward the road so I ran to the front window then ran and got my camera and ran back quickly just in time to get a couple photos of it.

This is a young male (I think) but he doesn't have antlers yet and his 'bell'
is just starting to grow under his neck.  My friend who lives about 7 km.
from here thinks it's the one she almost ran into last fall.  She named him Jean Guy.
Thankfully he crossed the road without running into anyone.  This guy is about the size
of a large horse.  When a moose hits a car with those long skinny legs, they fly up and land
on the car, usually through the windshield.  That's why some many people are killed or
injured by these huge animals every year.  In New Brunswick, the government has installed
'moose fencing' along some the major highways where moose are known to be plentiful.
It helps but sometimes the moose find there way around the fencing and onto the road.

Here it is running toward the road.  A car came along and startled it so it ran
back up a few feet then turned and kept going across the road and down through
the field.  We had a bit of snow and freezing rain the night before and it was foggy.
The tree on the right foreground is right by our front door and the driveway is
about 50 feet away, just to give you an idea of his size.

So, that was an exciting morning.

This next photo is rare for sure.  It was taken by my father in Richibucto, NB in the 1940's
maybe.  Not sure of the date.

This is a picture of a picture.  Sorry about the quality. 
I think it's so funny.  This man is actually being pulled on his bicycle by a horse!
I always have this photo stuck somewhere so people can see it and have a good laugh.

I think that church burned down a year or two ago.  It was a very old Catholic church
in Richibucto.

So, that's my moose and horse story today.  You can see why I first thought there was
an escaped horse in the driveway last week.  These two large animals kind of resemble
one another in size and shape but a moose's head is very large when they are grown
plus they have huge bodies on long, spindly legs and the males have huge antlers.
(and they're ugly looking too).

Have you ever seen a moose?  I'd like to hear your story.

Tomorrow I'll be back with some pretties that I found at Value Village.




  1. Hi Pamela! Now that's a story! Look at that moose! :)
    Hope you're doing well.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. I wonder what the story is of the horse pulling the bicycle! Certainly many could be written about it.

    We don't have a fence either (well we do, but not to talk over). We mainly talk to our neighbors in front of our houses or to the sides. I thought the title went along with the photo! :-) And I learned those red soled shoes are a very expensive brand and that is the trademark.

  3. Loved this post, Pamela.

    J's nickname at his work was "Moose", believe it or not. Even though he is retired, he is still "Moose".

    Thank you for your visit to the Back Porch. Your comment is so appreciated!


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