Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Friday, April 8, 2011

Myrtle Beach ~ part 2

When we went to Myrtle Beach a year ago we drove down to Charleston for the day.  I absolutely love this city!  I could spend many hours walking around touring shops, boutiques, looking at homes and gardens. There is so much history there. 

We were fascinated by this beautiful bridge going into the city.
I'm sorry I don't remember the name of it.

One of the basket weavers at the market.

An old cemetery.

A beautiful park on the waterfront.

The walk along the waterfront.

Sunrise on our last day at Myrtle Beach.  Spectacular!

romantic shot ;-)

The afternoon, after the beautiful sunrise, turned threatening.
Our last trip to the beach.

By the time we got to Bangor, on our way home, it was pouring rain and cold.
We stayed in Bangor overnight so we could shop the next day.
This is the sky the next morning. Note - no leaves, just buds, on the trees.
We drove into more rain and snow before the border then it cleared
a bit as we came into Canada.  But, it was cold!

We had a good time with our friends in Myrtle Beach, enjoyed walking
on the sand and in the water, did some of the tourist things, and toured
Charleston.  I was sorry we didn't have the time to visit a plantation.
Maybe next time.  I think I'd rather visit Charleston longer with
a side trip to the beach.

I posted this pic yesterday but didn't know the name of the town.
I want to thank Podso for identifying it for me.
It is Milford, PA.  Such a pretty place.

I hope you enjoyed my little visit to Myrtle Beach and Charleston.

And I hope you have a wonderful and blessed weekend!




  1. Hi Pamela! What a nice trip you much have had! I've never been to Charleston but it's on my bucket list! What lovely snaps you've taken too.
    Thank you for popping to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. that is the Cooper Bridge - I can see it from my hotel room here on Folly Island tonight! My husband and I are spending two days here at the beach and then two days downtown Charleston - can't wait! Nancy LeB from NS

  3. You must have really enjoyed this trip. Thanks for sharing the photos with us. It makes me want to get to the beach sometime this summer.

  4. You got some nice trip pictures! Especially your sunsets. I have to visit the south someday too.

  5. Just beautiful photography! what a trip too!

  6. Great photos, my friend, and what a beautiful little town and beach to visit. I love gorgeous old houses and trees.
    I would love to visit the beach right now, but it is just too far away. How nice that you live so close to Myrtle beach that it is just a day trip. I could really use a trip like that right about now.
    Recently I told you that Lake Winnipeg, which has gorgeous white sandy beaches, was the 12th largest lake in the world, it is actually the 13th largest lake.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Hugs, Cindy

  7. Hi Pamela,
    What a nice trip you had! I love the tree canopied street! Of course, I always enjoy photos taken at the beach. Love the sunrise; spectacular! Thanks for sharing and for stopping by. Enjoy your weekend.


  8. Hello Pamela - Love Charleston - it is such a wonderful city - you've captured some lovely scenery! Beautiful photos!

  9. Don't you just love a good vacation! Love the picture of the bridge. My daughter is a Architecture/Engineer student and she will be majoring in bridges, so we have looked at this post a few times. She can't get enough of them...crazy girl! lol

    Anyway, hope you had a good weekend. Me, I am just trying to stay sane as I pack...and pack! Diane


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