Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Darling's Island

This is my final posting of our weekend away to Saint John, N.B.  Today we'll see some of the older buildings around Kings Square and the Loyalist Cemetery that is next to Kings Square.  Then we'll travel to Darling's Island which is a small island in the Kennebecasis River. 

This is the Imperial Theater which has been restored in recent years.
It started as the theater and then it was a church for many years.

The Loyalist Cemetery is a beautiful park-like setting right next to Kings Square
and dates from the late 1700's.

The beautiful wrought iron gate way into the cemetery.

This is the covered bridge, now closed, to Darling's Island.  You cross to the island from the other
side of the bridge from Highway 1 that runs from Saint John to Sussex.
Darling's Island is a rural community with a few farms and a lot of homes.  It was
always a 'summer place' for cottagers and I remember my mother talking about
visiting there as a young woman. 

The new and the old bridges.  The new one was opened a few years ago as
the covered bridge could no longer handle the heavy traffic and big trucks hauling
construction supplies to the many new homes being built on the island.

The river at the bridges was at flood stage and lapping at the roadside in one spot.

The view from the island to Route 1 - beautiful farm land.

Another view.  The long white 'tubes' are large round haybales encased in white plastic.

A beautiful old farmstead.

This is the flooded Grand Lake at Jemseg.  The Saint John River backs into this lake when it's
at flood stage.  Thankfully there wasn't water on the road here although it was over the road just
a few miles from this spot.  We were able to keep going on the Trans Canada Highway
without any problems.

That is the end of our visit to Saint John.  I hope you enjoyed seeing some of this part
of New Brunswick and that you learned something about our heritage and history.
Maybe you will be inspired to come for a visit some day.
Our capital city, Fredericton, is only 15 minutes from me and I hope to play tourist
this summer so I can show off our beautiful river city.

Thanks so much for your nice comments on these posts.




  1. I am definitely inspired, just wish my pocket book was!
    I love the large photos that you are showing us now, they show it all off so beautifully! What a gorgeous area, the old bridge is so picturesque.
    And the theatre is too, thank you, I have really loved seeing all of the great photos!
    Hugs, Cindy

  2. The countryside is truly beautiful throughout New Brunswick...I can feel a road trip beckoning!


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