Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Monday, May 2, 2011

election day

It is Federal Election Day here in Canada.  I'm not going to talk politics.  Our Prime Minister, Conservative, Stephen Harper, led a minority government and at the end of the day he may still lead a minority government!  It'll be interesting for sure.  I don't like talking politics but I do believe God is in control of who leads our country and pray for our elected government leaders.  I am very thankful we have the freedom to vote for the person and party of our choice here in Canada!

It is also a beautiful, sunny and warm spring day here in New Brunswick.  My hubby and I decided to walk to our polling station to vote.  And, I brought along my camera.

I sure needed a rest after that long walk!

I hope you are having a beautiful Monday!




  1. Well, I would love to do that walkng thru such beautiful land! Hope you had a nice walking day! Do let us know if your candidate won! Well, this dishes are old, they were not expensive, as I remember, and so we bought 3 boxes cause here, there's a big family and friends, so we thought it'll be great for buffet parties, or Sunday branch. I remember thinking in those days that they were so pretty, as I have another older set that's dark brown, almost black with a yellow big's in some box, again, I'll have to look for it! Thank you for coming.

  2. It is always nice to see other parts of this continent! I also love taking pictures of benches .. I wonder why?

  3. Hi Pamela,
    I see the trees are starting to leaf out which is always a good thing. I have not see any dandelions in bloom here yet though.
    About your picture size -I like the bigger size.

    About the election I too pray the best man for our country wins the election.It will be interesting to watch the results.


  4. It will be so interesting to see who wins! I'm also praying for the results.

    Hey Carolyn - there are some dandelions on the this end of the Island :)

  5. Hi Pamela,
    I am having a sick day, no blogging for me today. But, I did get out and vote. I pray Steven Harper will be back in with a Majority government this time. The madness will never end otherwise. God's will be done though.
    I am loving the large pictures! I can now really appreciate the beautiful area that you live in.
    Hugs, Cindy

  6. Pamela,
    I do love the larger photos and can see how your photography just keeps getting better!
    Way to go! Lovely photos, lovely blog!
    Yes, we are praying too as we voted this evening...

  7. I am happy we now have a majority government...I didnt like having such frequent elections...I dislike the constant bickering, etc. It's an answer to prayer. I was also pleased with the results in our riding.

  8. Beautiful shots, Pamela!!


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