Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

the Loyalist city

Today I will continue with my recent visit to Saint John, N.B. also called The Loyalist City as it was settled in the late 1700's by former Americans loyal to Britain and the monarchy.

This is Trinity Anglican Church.

I love the bright red doors and the wrought iron fence at the sidewalk.

A beautiful whale weathervane atop the steeple.

Saint John is built on hills and rock.

The City Market was built in 1876.  The city around it was destroyed by
fire in 1877 but the market was spared.  It was built on the sloping hill between
two streets so it's a full block in depth.

The wrought iron gates, built in 1880,  are at both entrances to the market
and are closed and locked every night.

You can buy just about anything at the market - fresh fruit, vegetables, fish, meat,
cheese, giftware, groceries, lunch - you name it.  Dulse, a dried seaweed is
sold here and I forgot to buy some.  It's a Maritime delicacy, very salty and tough
and sometimes there's the odd bit of sand or even a tiny periwinkle in it!  Watch
your teeth  :-)

Kings Square ~ the War Memorial Monument from 1925.

Kings Square was 'formed' in 1784 from a field, bed of rock, and cedar swamp
where animals were slaughtered and cricket was played in it's early days.

It was re-designed many times over the years and today is a common area
in the Uptown Saint John open to the public. 

The Sir Leonard Tilley monument ~ 1910.

This is the Young Memorial ~ placed in 1893 in loving memory of
John Frederic Young who, at the age of 19, drowned while saving
the life of another in Courtney Bay in 1890.

This is one of the panels on the top of the memorial.  Two of the sides have angels on them
and it's a beautiful monument.

I had to put this one in.  This is my sister, Margaret, and I in front of the Young
Memorial in the spring of 1963. I believe it was at the end of the school year.

This is the King Edward VII Memorial Bandstand built in 1903, located in the
center of the square.  It was restored in 1987.

Well, it looks like I should do another post to finish off our visit to Saint John.
I hope you are enjoying the tour. 
The weather was cloudy and cool and we had heavy rain in the afternoon so
I was glad we did our walkabout early on. 

I'll be back again tomorrow with another post of the Loyalist Cemetery
and a little trip to Darling's Island.




  1. Once again, so very interesting, thanks for taking me with you to St. John.
    Hugs, Cindy

  2. I love trips like this where you do not have to venture far but you treat it like a little holiday! St. John has really changed a lot in the last few years too!! Looks like fun.

  3. Thanks for the interesting glimpse of St John NB. It looks like a lovely city with wonderfuly interesting architecture. Your photos are teriffic!

  4. I so need to get back to Saint John, loved the sea! We shopped at the market, your pics brought back wonderful memories. Sounds like you had a great weekend in Saint John, your lucky to be so close. Diane


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