Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Sunday, May 29, 2011

the makings of a nest

I found this small sparrow's nest on the ground the other day.

It had blown from the pine tree in the wind.

Let's examine it to see just what these little creatures used to make it.

If you look closely you can see pieces of dried grass, weeds, pine needles, bits of sunflower seed
and  ~ what is that really fine thready stuff?

Do you see it?  It looks like hair.  Yes, it's Marshall hair.  Marshall is our dog who
sheds all year.  Now imagine how busy those little sparrows were picking up those
fine pieces of dog hair to keep their little eggs cosy.

I have actually seen a sparrow collecting the hair in it's beak but couldn't get
a photo of it.

I do hope these sparrows were able to rebuild their nest and settle in to raising their young.

Speaking of young...

Mr. and Mrs. Robin have 3 new babies and a fourth on the way.
They are back in the cedar tree beside the back deck. (this photo is from
last year as I can't quite get the angle to take a pic this year)

They get pretty excited whenever I let the dog out there or if I get too
close to the tree, but, they don't mind if I barbecue and am quiet. 

Nature is so wonderful and I am enjoying so many varieties of birds in
our yard this year.  Except for the 3 or 4 crows that live in the tree in
our neighbour's garden which is just behind our property.  They are so noisy and
they like to steal eggs from nests!  Bad crows!!

It's been cloudy all weekend and cool yesterday but today is humid.
The lilacs aren't blooming yet as they were this time last year.

Hopefully next week we'll see these gorgeous blooms.

I hope you have had a great weekend and that this week will be full of
springtime blessings for you!

See you soon.





  1. Such beautiful photos!
    Love the nest close-ups.
    Would love to see what the sparrows are doing in our little bird house?!
    Your lilac shots are great... are they from last year?

  2. The nest is a marvelous bit of architecture, isn't it?
    Over here we have three ducks sitting on clutches of eggs. We're getting worried and are planning a visit to the poultry swap at a local market. A duck population explosion is imminent!

  3. Great nest, I am always fascinated when I come across on in a bush in the garden in the Autumn. Every year I empty the nesting box too.

    We have had a dull cool weekend too, still not much badly needed rain though.

    Have a great week Pamela, love Jackie in Surrey, UK.

  4. It is fascinating when you look at a nest, isn't it?And especially when you recognize things? ! I really enjoyed your visit to the green house photos!


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