Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Sunday, May 15, 2011

that sinking feeling

A while back I told you that we are planning a major kitchen reno.  Don't get too excited.  It hasn't started yet.  I am so slow at making decisions and these are major decisions that I have to live and work with the rest of my days in this house (and kitchen)! 

So, my dilema is this. We are installing a dishwasher in the cabinet by the kitchen sink.  YAY!  Be happy for me.  It's my very first dishwasher!

Don't look at the ugly floor, rugs, wall, cabinet and the heater!  Picture Coconut white
Shaker cabinets.  Yes.  That's it.  Now, picture the dishwasher going in this cabinet
at the end of the sink counter.  Picture my sink cabinet base being smaller than it is now.
It has to be.  Or, I won't have a full size dishwasher.  And, because the cabinet base is
smaller, the sink has to be smaller.  Hence, my dilema.

A larger view of the sink area.  I currently have a stainless steel double bowl sink
and since the new base cabinet is only going to be 30", the new sink will have to be
either a single bowl or a sink and a half.  My preference is for a sink and a half as
I'd still have two bowls for separate uses.  I am still planning on stainless steel too.
My question is:  What is your experience with single sinks or sink and a half style sinks,
and do you prefer the larger bowl on the left or the right if you have the latter style?
I will have my dishes stored to the left of the sink area so when hand washing it makes
sense to wash in the right side and rinse in the left.  I guess I'd just have to get used to using the
right side more often.

I'd appreciate any help in this matter as I need to order a sink asap. The cabinets have been ordered
and hopefully will be ready by the first or second week of June.

The upper cabinets are going all the way to the ceiling and there will be no bulkhead.  There will
be an open display shelf above the window.  The floors will be heated ceramic tile, which I haven't
picked out yet, and the back splash will be ????  I haven't even started looking.  Any recommendations??

We are rather thankful we aren't in the middle of this reno this week, as we had hoped, because
it's been so rainy and cold and we plan to bbq a lot if we can and eat on the deck.  Hopefully
June will be better weather for that!

Please leave a comment about your experience with sink and a half style sinks.
And also, on back splashes. Do I match the ceramic with the floor?  I might like
small glass squares or white subway tiles.  Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks so much. 

See you soon.



  1. I have a single sink in my kitchen...I chose a large single instead of a double, to accomodate the large bowls and pots I wash by hand, Since everything else goes in the dishwasher I find I don't need 2 sinks.

  2. Hi Pamela!

    Thanks for inviting me over. You will love a dishwasher and I would forgo the bigger sink to accommodate it. No question.
    I had the same dilemma. My old kitchen layout had two sink areas in it. I went down to one sink with the renovation. My old sink had a triple sink and I really thought i would miss it. I was so wrong.

    Several of my friends had just gone through kitchen renovations so I asked them for input. Long story short, I have one large deep sink.
    It does have a disposal drain, but it is just one basin..... I LOVE IT!

    It is wide but it is also very deep. I can fit any cookie sheet in it and every casserole fits for overnight soaking.

    My granite installer gave me his stainless steel sink source, a no-name brand, and that saved me hundreds compared to the Kohler sinks I had been contemplating!.

    I love subway tile. That's just me though. Vintage timeless, lightens the area and easy to keep clean. It allows your accessories to be the focal point. Decorative tiles go out of style too fast, again just my opinion!

    Hope this helps. Feel free to email me Pamela. I found a hundred ways to cut corners and save money in my project. Happy to help you with yours!


  3. I have a double sink that looks like granite but is a composite and I love it. It doesn't show water stains like my staniless did. I have had both double and single bowls and I like having two sides. I can have a clean and dirty side since we have a disposal that is important to me. And with just two of us, sometimes I do dishes by hand and I ilke being able to drain them in the clean side sink.

    I don't have a fancy backsplash so I can't help you there! Good luck with all your decisions. You are wise to take the time to make them carefully!

    hugs, Linda

  4. Hi Pamela! I'm excited for you but I know it's hard to pin down your decisions. It took me almost four years to do a little bit of updating in our kitchen. I have a double sink and love it. But I have had the double with one smaller side. I never thought about which side should be the larger. Maybe if your right handed it could be the left? LOL You're going to love your dishwasher!
    To answer your question, the dishes are old and the pattern is Brittany by Home Loughlan. I guess I should have put that in my post.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;0

  5. Hi Pamela,
    Oh! So many choices and the older I get the harder it seems to be to make decisions.I like the sink and a half idea though but then again the nice big sink for big pots etc. sounds good too! He!He!
    Amy at Maison Decor did a beautiful kitchen makeover recently that you should check out.
    Lots of rain here too!


  6. I would definitely recommend the sink and a half and I think you would get used to however it situate it. There seem to be pros and cons to both. We just got a tile backspash small 3 in diagonally laid and beigy in color and we love it. Since it's sealed it's keeping very clean. it sort of matches our tile floor, definitely in the same color family. I like subway too if you have a lot of white in the kitchen. Beadboard is also nice. Lots of choices! But I'm happy you are getting a dishwasher. Don't forget to use it sometimes!

  7. Hi Pamela
    I remember how excited I was when we installed a dishwasher here at our new home in 2003. We didn't have one at the farm, all those years.:-)

    I have a sink and a half. The large bowl is to my left and I like it that way. The garbage disposal is installed in the half sink. I like the size and arrangement of this sink.

  8. I have a deep double sink - like it, but if I had a chance I'd get one of those skirt sinks - one sink - Seems you're getting some good responses - I know you'll love the dishwasher - I have one of those heaters in our little bathroom - I am imagining your beautiful new kitchen!
    Hope you have a great week!

  9. I went from a double to a single and prefer the single. It's large enough to get a big bowl in there or a big pot. Yay for the dishwasher!


  10. Hi Pamela. I have a sink and a half. For years I have always had double sinks, which came in handy when the kids were little. Now my sink and a half suites me. the smaller sink is on the left side. Dish washers are a small piece of heaven! Diane

  11. Hi lovely lady. I have a double white sinks and I love them !! I would like to thank you so much for your lovely comments on my Island Tablescapes so sweet of you.
    I hope you have a Great Week sweet lady.

  12. Hi Pamela
    When we did our recent kitchen reno, the double sinks went and I opted for a SS sink and a half. The half is on the left side because that is where the garborator for kitchen waste is, the big one on the right is much deeper than before and a roasting pan can soak in it - hurray!
    Now that you'll have a dishwasher, you could probably be happy with just one large and deep sink; give the whole thing lots of thought.

  13. Hi Pamela,

    I have a large white sink and 1/2. The entire sink is 30" and cabinet is 35". If your cabinet is going to be 30" than the sink will probably be 25". The large part of your sink and 1/2 might be too small for large items. I would also recommend stainless because the white scratches and stains real bad and have it under mounted if you are going to have granite or Corian installed on the countertops. You will love the way it looks. And you will just love having a dishwasher, it is worth getting a smaller sink to accommodate it.

    As for the backsplash, I love subway tiles since they are timeless but would probably wait until you are all finished before making that decision. That might be a lot of white since your cabinets are white also. My backsplash is ivory travertine with roping and the coloring is similar to my ceramic tile floor. I kept everything pretty neutral so it would stay in style for a long time. You want to watch out for trendy details. I am jealous of the fact that you will be getting a heated floor. They get so cold to walk on.

    You really go some great ideas from other comments. Let me know if I can be of any help to you. ANd thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comments.

    Marianne :)

  14. Hi Pamela...thanks for visiting my blog and your nice comment about my porch. I am now one of your followers. I have a sink and a half. I was REALLY skeptical when I got it but now I love it. The big side is plenty big enough for most pots. It's also big enough to bathe my dog. :o) Go for it. As to your backsplash...have you considered beadboard? I have tile now and would love to switch to beadboard. Just a thought...have a great week and good luck on your reno. I would be so excited I wouldn't be able to sleep! ~Ann

  15. Wow! I read the responses with interest. I have a tiny quirky kitchen too. I won't be doing anything with it for awhile tho. Best of luck with your decisions!

  16. Hi Pamela,
    Oh I feel your pain, I have an ancient kitchen I have been slowly remodeling, the decisions are hard!
    I have a big single sink now, and have had a single before , but always like a double better. I wash my dogs in the sink though so I bought a weird double that has a super short divider, I can't wait to install it.
    You have a bit of wall space at the end of the cabinets, can you find a small dishwasher to fit the space, it looks like it would almost fit?
    Good luck with it all, I really feel for you!!

  17. This is the sink that is capable to perform the tasks that the other sinks are too small for. In some cases the laundry is going to be cramped for space but it should always be possible to at least include a corner utility sink somewhere in the room.

  18. I have had divided sinks, large sinks with a small sink/garbage disposal on the side and a very large sink. Of them all I like my stainless steel very large sink the best. It can hold everything from large cookie sheets to grandchildren. It is easy to clean out with a SOS pad once in awhile. And I don't have to worry about chipping it with my iron skillets. My advice would be to get the sink you feel suits your needs the best. Have fun with the remodel.


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