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Monday, May 9, 2011

a weekend getaway

My hubby and I went to Saint John, N.B. for a little weekend getaway.  It wasn't very far - only an hour or so from home - and he gets to travel this road nearly every day to work!  However, it was a break and we had a great time exploring the old Loyalist seaport on the Bay of Fundy.  We enjoyed walking around the downtown, which locals call 'uptown' for some reason, shopping in Brunswick Square and also at the big box stores (HomeSense!!!), great food and a good night's rest at the Chateau Saint John.  On Sunday, we joined our friends from back home who were visiting their family at church in Quispamsis.  We also visited my hubby's sister and her husband in beautiful Hampton on our way home.  It was a busy two days.  I guess we'll have to go back again to see what we missed.  There are a lot of photos today so I hope you enjoy our visit and come back tomorrow for more.

Market Square on the waterfront of Saint John.

These carved, unsmiling characters, not the smiling one (my sweet hubby), pop up in a lot
of places in the downtown area both outdoors and indoors.

I asked this man for some bird seed but he wouldn't speak to me at all!

This one is inside Market Square.  The characters are 'walking' in and out of the wall.

A history of the Loyalists. (and some bad graffiti)
Saint John was originally called Parr Town.

Closed pedways join Market Square to Brunswick Square and
the Aquatic Center for ease of travel out of the often rainy and foggy weather.

Outdoor cafes along the Market wharf.  The weather was chilly and rainy in the afternoon so
we ate indoors.  We had dinner at Grannan's Seafood
and it was so delicious.  Their Seafood Chower is the best! 

The view from our dining table.

This is along the new boardwalk that follows the wharf area with beautiful new condos. 
To the left, out of view, is where cruise ships dock.  The Queen Elizabeth II was here
a couple of years ago.

This is Market slip looking across the harbour to the Saint John Harbour Bridge.

Market Square houses the Public Library, the New Brunswick Museum (which we didn't
have time to visit), restaurants and a few shops.  It is a bright, enclosed public area where
special events take place.  On Saturday there was a book sale going on.

I have so many pictures to share with you so I will be back tomorrow with pictures
of one of the oldest markets in the country, the Loyalist Burial Ground and
Kings Square Park.

Saint John has over 200 years of history since the Loyalists first arrived.
The architecture of the old buildings is beautiful as are it's churches and parks.

I hope you will come back tomorrow and revisit some more highlights
of this old city.

I appreciate each one of you who visits me and love it when you
leave a comment.  I read every one!

Have a blessed day!


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  1. Hi Pamela,
    It is always nice to play tourist! The Market Square looks pretty-I like how they have potted flowers.
    I went to Saint John about six years ago and roamed around while my husband had a meeting but have not been back since.
    I love to get a chance to go to Homesence as we only have Winner's here.
    I enjoyed your post on your Mom too.


  2. Hi Pamela, I love the characters and the way you have taken photographs of your hubby and yourself with them, great fun!! The harbour and boardwalk look a great place to have a relaxing walk. Looking forward to tomorrows pics, Jackie in Surrey, UK.

  3. Great photos - they have done so much work to the 'uptown' of Saint John over the years. Not sure if John Hooper was the artist of all of those sculptures but I know he had done the first ones - they are such a great addition. I grew up in Hampton and my parents are still there - beautiful place! I am enjoying your visit and looking forward to the rest of the trip - Nancy LeB

  4. Looks like you had a fun getaway! We haven't had a chance to do that in awhile! It would be so interesting to tour YOUR neck of the woods!

  5. Beautiful Pictures!! Looks like a wonderful place for a getaway :)

  6. I have never been to St Johns, I have some very good friends who live there though. It reminds me a lot of Vancouver, especially the leaden skies! I could not take all of that rain. So nice to see they have the overhead hallways, like Winnipeg! Lovely photos, thank you and I will be back to see more, that is my only mode of travel until something changes. Have a good evening!
    Hugs, Cindy

  7. I really enjoyed your photos...I would love to visit there someday...we have talked about it but havent done that yet

  8. That looks like a fun trip. It always amazes me how you really do not need to go far sometimes just to change it up a bit. St. John has certainly changed a lot in the last few years as well, making it an interesting spot to visit.


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