Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Friday, June 3, 2011

a barn, a farmhouse and a church

This beautiful old barn is near Grey's Greenhouse.  I love how it sits on the hill.  
Isn't the sky just beautiful?
It's left section has been held up by these poles for a long time and you can
see that the roof is sagging.

This is the barn in winter.

The view from the barn looking at another farm and across the headpond to the Ridge.
That is a new sub-division where the road comes straight down the hill.
It's called Heaven's Gate but you know, that road is pretty scary and steep
to drive on even in summer.  I don't like it as it feels like you could go right
into the river although it's obvious there is quite a stretch from where the road ends.

This old farmhouse has pretty bargeboard trim and sweet 'eyebrows' over
the windows.  Note the finials hanging from the corner and the peak of the roof.

There is more detail over the front door and look at the fancy doorway paneling.

Scotch Settlement Union Church ~ this church is shared by congregants
from the Baptist church and the United church.
This is a very old church that is still used and has been brought up to date but
it still has the old wooden, narrow seat, straight backed pews!

I went back to the greenhouse today and made a big purchase of 2
New Guinea Impatiens hanging baskets and a lot of other plants to put
in pots and containers.  I can't wait to get planting.  I actually had to put
some of my plants in the garage tonight as it's going down to 5 degrees C.

An update on the kitchen remodel. 
The infloor heating has been installed and the walls and ceiling are all
repaired and painted. I love the paint colour!  The tile man is to come on Monday.

I went to Value Village this afternoon and found some sweet goodies
which I will show you later.

I'll be busy planting pots on Saturday.  What will you doing?
I hope you have a relaxing weekend.





  1. You live in such a beautiful area! I would just drink in my surroundings as you obviously do with your camera. Glad the kitchen is going well, and enjoy that planting today!

  2. When we drive through New Brunswick, that's the sort of scene that makes me catch my breath. The churches, the clusters of houses, the old barns - lovely.

  3. Gorgeous barn - LOVE old barns - there are so many here in various stages of care. The church is beautiful - especially set against the sky and the scenery - the gingerbread detail is wonderful
    Love the pictures,

  4. Hello from Ontario, Canada. I found your lovely blog through a comment on Modern Country Style. I love finding Canadian bloggers. I'm following now.

    Your photos are lovely. I adore barns and barn photos and tried my hand at a few last summer. While not perfect, I enjoy seeing the barn photos in our kitchen each day.

  5. I love taking drives in the country here too to see the old churches and barns. The church you're showing is really sweet and I've found the ambience in these small churches much nicer that in the new contemporary styles.

  6. I love your photos!! Oh i would love to have a big old barn.


  7. I have been so overwhelmed with work that I have not had a chance to read any of my favourite blogs. I have to tell you, these photos are beautiful! What amazing scenery we have here in Canada!


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