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Spring 2018
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Monday, June 6, 2011

forget me not

It's forget-me-not blooming season here and I just had to have a tea time with
my Royal Albert Memory Lane teacup along with some forget-me-not blooms
and Victoria magazine.

I love these tiny blooms with their pretty yellow eyes on dainty stems.

It is a pretty spring day outside. The potted plant on the window sill is called Lisianthus.
I purchased it at the Superstore and it can be planted outside.  The blooms are so pretty
and delicate and may be cut for bouquets.

Lisianthus bloom.

I received this teacup along with the creamer and sugar, as a wedding shower
gift from my aunt.  I think I was meant to collect it as my china and now, regretfully,
I wish I had.  I bought two Bristol mugs by Royal Albert in this pattern when
they were on sale one time.  That's all I own to the set and I love it.

Pretty lacey linens.

I think I'll just sit here and enjoy the lovely view while I drink my tea and
read Victoria magazine.

Thank you for joining me today.
I am joining Sandi for Tea Time Tuesday

Kathy for Victoria- A Return to Lovliness



P.S.  The kitchen is coming along nicely.  The floor has been laid
and will be grouted on Tuesday then the cabinets will be installed
on Thursday.  The sink is on order and will hopefully be in by next Monday.

The house is a mess and so dirty and dusty!  I'm just not looking
at that or worrying about it right now.  Hopefully on Saturday I'll
be able to do some spring cleaning!  ~ P.


  1. Hi Pamela! Wish I could pop over and have a cup of tea with you! What a beautiful cup and those little forget-me-nots are just darling!
    Can't wait to see your kitchen.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. That's a great combination: tea and Victoria mag. And such a nice window view!

  3. Such beautiful vignettes. The forget-me-nots are lovely. I love the linens and the tea cup. The Victoria Magazine makes it perfect. Happy Tea Day!

  4. Well it's a good think you have a pretty bouquet, a delicate tea cup and a beautiful magazine to take your mind of mess and renovation!

  5. Our forget me nots have been and gone so it was lovely to see yours and the everlasting picture you have of them on your cup and saucer. I have seen the magazine mentioned on other blogs, I don't think it is available here, but I am sure we have something similar.

    Pleased to hear the kitchen is progressing ok.

    Love Jackie in Surrey, UK

  6. Hi Pamela
    Your little nook by the window looks so relaxing for reading Victoria and enjoying a cup of tea.
    Some day (soon I hope for you) you'll be like me with the renovations completed, the dust and dirt forgotten and just loving the new look.

  7. Good morning Pamela,
    I love the Memory Lane pattern and when I started the Lavender Rose for my mother, it had been a toss-up between the two. I chose the latter because of her love for pink. You have a cozy spot there by your window to enjoy your tea and a magazine. Thank you for joining me today.

    I was perusing your previous posts and I so enjoyed looking at your photos! The pink flowering crab is gorgeous and I loved the pastoral scenes. The trim on the buildings is something else! We sure don't see that nowadays. Enjoy your day, my friend, and thank you for your prayers.


  8. You have such a lovely blog and beautiful photography! Your R.A. tea cup is really lovely. Forget Me Nots are one of my favorite flowers and patterns for a tea cup.

  9. Always a challenge to have work going on inside the house. I'll be back to see how the project is progressing. Thank you for returning my visit. I love New Brunswick...my mother and grandmother's birthplace.

  10. Oh what beautiful vignettes, especially the one with that beautiful light coming in the window... Best of luck with your reno -- I'm sure it will be fabulous once you get done!

  11. Gorgeous images! Everything looks so romantic! I see a Victoria magazine in the background. I love it. Your pictures are worthy of being in Victoria.
    I am a new follower!

  12. Such lovely photos Pamela....makes you want to be relaxing, enjoying that sunshine and some tea! Love the tea cup and the Royal Albert pattern...very elegant. Diane

  13. Such a pretty post Pamela!
    I adore all of the above:
    the tea cup, the flowers, the magazine and the view...great post!
    Thanks for sharing and all the best with the kitchen reno!

  14. I loved your post and enjoyed my visit here to your blog!


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