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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

front deck

I'm back today with a few more pictures of the front deck and some other 'points of interest' in our yard.

This bench was my best friend's and I bought it at her yard sale last year. 
I'm not sure if I'll leave it here on the front deck or put it under the maple tree.
I need hubby's help to lift it as it's very heavy.  Maybe this evening.
The impatiens are newly planted so will fill out soon.

The front deck in the morning sun.  It faces east.

The front deck in the afternoon shade. 

These chairs were designed and built in our area.  They are very comfortable and
not low slung like Adirondack chairs so they are easy to get out of.

I love this vintage wicker planter.  It has New Guinea impatiens, blue bacopa and potato vine.
These NG impatiens are a larger blooming variety called Magnum (lavender).  I'll take a
photo later on when they are in bloom.  The blooms are huge!
This deck faces east so gets early morning sun until about 10:30.

This little table sits between the two Merrimack chairs.  We often have breakfast out
here on Saturday mornings when the weather is warm and sunny ~ we haven't this
year yet as the weather hasn't been warm and sunny on a Saturday yet!

Reiger begonias and bacopa will fill this pot.  I hope the earwigs don't eat the begonias.

I've had the fishing float for years!  The frog sundial was black but last summer I got
on a turquoise spray paint kick! :-)  (my colour this year is ivy leaf)

This old enamel ware pan is filled with Dazzler Violet Star impatiens.

This pot on the back deck has a new variety of petunia called Sophistica Lime Bicolor. 
The yellow daisy is Ageranthemum and there is a lime potato vine and a sedge grass
as well.  This will fill out well as the summer goes on.

I found this little planter at Winners today for $8.00.  I thought it would work on
this little table on the back deck to give it some height.  I may add some shells to it.

Thats all for the yard and decks for now. 

There is a thunder storm brewing so I must close and shut down
the computer for the night.

An update on the kitchen:  It is delayed for 1 week!  Everything is ready
for the cabinet installation so we are waiting patiently and still 'camping'.
I am thankful I have a stove, fridge, microwave and sink to use
which is more than half the world has.  I am blessed!

I'll be back soon with some 'treasures' I found at Value Village
last week and to show you my latest spray paint project.

Have a wonderful day!




  1. I love the vintage wicker planter and the enamelware pan as planter!

  2. Your deck must be a wonderful place for morning coffee and late afternoon iced tea. I like your chairs and can see that they look easier to get in and out of than Muskoka chairs - I sent Muskokas as gift to my sister who has a summer camp (not too far from you, I think). I should have found out where to get some of your style of chair!

  3. It looks a great place, so many seating areas and objects to look at.Your plants all look so healthy. I have just found a snail eating away at my agapanthus!!!!

    If ever you come to the UK I would love to meet you too.

    Jackie in Surrey UK

  4. It looks so cheerfull....love those adirondeck (sp) chairs!

  5. ....and meant to say - I've never been there!

  6. Oh dear - my first comment disappeared - very strange goings-on today. I emailed to your hotmail account and it was returned as undeliverable. The cottage/camp is at Grand Lake, on the Fredericton side.

  7. I love your vintage planter! Your back deck is so beautiful. Looks to be the perfect place to sit in the evening!

  8. Your deck looks like a great place to sit and enjoy iced tea and all those posies. I like your unusual planter and your vintage wicker planter and the addition of points of whimsy. Very nice!

  9. A very inviting place to sit and relax. Love it!!

  10. Your front deck is so neat and tidy looking Pamela yet inviting too. I gave our Muskoka chairs away, I could never get out of them but yours look like they're user friendly.
    Glad I'm not the only one spray painting everything and then changing the colours at a later time. I usually stick to purple but I found pistachio by Krylon when in the States this spring - it's a yummy colour!


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