Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

walk about in the yard

Hi there!  Today I thought I'd officially welcome the month of June with a walk about in our yard.  Our property is only about 2/3 of an acre in the country and was formerly a cow pasture.  Therefore, we don't have manicured, tended lawns, fancy trees and shrubs.  We have grass and most of the green is actually weeds.

I have two foundation flower beds, a rock garden, so called because of the rocks in it, and two other small flower beds.  The flower beds are almost totally perennials with about 6 petunias planted for colour in the empty spots.

This is the rock garden.  About 3 inches down from the top of the soil is ledge.
It's difficult to get anything dug in deeply without bringing in extra top soil. 
There is hosta, iris, astilbe, chives, liatris, lavender, phlox, lady's mantle,
Russian sage, a potentilla shrub, daisy, a sedge grass and purple coneflower planted here.
Surprisingly, this garden does really well.  I don't have anything growing up
the obelisk as it usually blows over in a big wind and takes the plant with it!
It's there for looks ;-)

This garden is under some big pine and spruce trees.  It was shaded at one time
but I cut back the lower limbs of the trees to lighten up the yard.  There is a huge
rock there which I like.  The hosta will get twice that size.  The ferns came up on their own.
There is also an astible, purple coneflower and lavender.

I placed the bird house on the ground last summer just for interest.  I think
it's probably inhabited by earwigs once summer gets going.

We have a serious earwig invasion in this area and they are so gross.
I don't know if you have ever seen one but by July, if I pick up a rock, a
flower pot, or anything sitting on the ground or decks, there will be a dozen
earwigs there.  Guaranteed!  They crawl in anywhere that is dark or damp and
even in the the flower pots.  They eat blooms and leaves too.
Enough of that.  It's already grossing me out!

There were two jack pine trees here a few years ago and I decided to build a garden
around the stumps.  I planted  a Sedum, Liatris, Creeping Jenny, Rudbekia and a
hydrangea house plant (this is the second season for it and it didn't bloom last year).
I put 2 petunias in here and the obelisk has sweet peas planted at the base.
 I planted them there last year and they did well.  I loved picking bouquets
for the kitchen window.

The old fencing was at my mil's.  I had plans to make a votive candle hanging
thingy for them but it never transpired.  Yet!

These are hostas and a moonbeam coreopsis in the front of the house.  The lily
of the valley grow along this foundation wall.

This bed has a southerly exposure.  The shrub is a spirea.  There is a rudbekia
on the other side of it.  The daffodils grow here as you can see their leaves need to be
cut back now.  I transplanted 3 lilies into this bed last summer.  They are the old fashioned
orange ones.  There is a moonbeam coreopsis too.The forget me nots spread like crazy here so
 I have to keep them cut back.  I planted 2 petunias here for colour.

This is a climatis Jackmanii which is just starting to grow.  I've had it for about
25 years or more and it was moved from the side of the house about 10 years ago
to this lattice.  I have planted annuals here other years but last year I divided the
moonbeam coreopsis and planted two here.  There is a cement bird bath on the other
side of the lattice and I planted a barnyard daisy next to it yesterday (from my
neighbour).  It is wilted in the heat today so I don't know if it will live here.
The hydrangea bush is to the left of the trellis.

This is a corner of the back yard viewed from the deck.

One corner of the back deck.  I have a lot of pots of annuals here and on the front deck.
This gets sun from 10:00 until 7:00.  The tall trees along the property line (which we planted)
now shade the deck around 6:00 when we want to eat out there and I am always cold.
We hope to cut down some of the trees to let more sunlight in.

This is where we enjoy lunch and supper when it's nice and warm.  I love it out here!
The window boxes have annuals which I just planted last Friday so they are
pretty skimpy looking yet!  The cedar tree next to the deck rail is where the
robins have their nest.  They are still feeding their young.

This is a corner between the front deck and the garage door.  There was a small
cedar tree in there but the roots were pushing the wood out so we pulled the tree out.
I divided a hosta last spring and planted a piece here.  It's doing well.
I like to decorate the gardens with vintage pots.

Well, that's a tour of our yard.  I will show you a few more pictures tomorrow
of the front deck.  It is about 18 feet long and 6 feet wide but it doesn't have a roof.
It would be a veranda if it did.  :-)  I wish it was a veranda!

I hope you enjoyed the tour of the former cow pasture.

It's not fancy but it keeps me busy and gives me great pleasure
to work away in all the beds.

See you soon!




  1. It really looks lovely and I think I would enjoy living in the country.

  2. Your garden is lovely - lots of colour and structure - beautiful.

  3. Morning Pamela, it is a wonderful garden, so many different places to enjoy. Your hosta's look so healthy!! Have a great day, Jackie in Surrey

  4. I agree with you, it would be wonderful in the evening looking over your beautiful gardens having dinner. I am thinking a water fountain should go in the back as well! Diane

  5. Hi Pamela,
    Your gardens are so lovely! You truly have a green thumb. I like all the different kinds of garden areas you have. The variety makes your yard so interesting...seems there is something to admire everywhere. I hope you enjoy your summer and your sweet gardenss! Amy :)

  6. Hello Pamela,
    Love your garden - I love Hostas - they're so beautiful with their big leaves but also with their blooms! Your garden looks so relaxing - Thank you for sharing this with A Return to Loveliness,


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