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Spring 2018
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Sunday, June 12, 2011

wooden tote transformation

A little spray paint transformed an ugly outdated wooden tote to this cute one.

The before:

I found this little hand crafted wooden tote at Value Village for a couple of dollars.

The after:
I primed it with Zinsser and spray painted it aqua then covered it with
heirloom white spray paint.  I sanded the edges a bit so the aqua would show.

I set the cute aqua jar of lily of the valley in one side and an old quilt piece
and a starfish and shell in the other.

I loved the soft colours in this old quilt but it was getting very worn so I simply
cut it up into squares that I use in my vignettes.

Here is another idea with 2 old canning jars with tealights in sand.

I can't wait for the kitchen reno to be completed (our house is a mess!) so I can sit this somewhere
 and enjoy it decorated many different ways.

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  1. Fabulous makeover. You did a great job.

  2. You did such a great job!
    Your basket went from country to chic with the stroke of a brush I would say!
    Love the end result.

  3. What a pretty little tote. I love the idea with the tea lights and my use that this summer on the patio.

  4. It looks great and so many uses for it!! I expect you will buy some more if you see any so cheap again? I must be more creative as I would love something like that. Jackie in Surrey.

  5. Your basket looks nice. Amazing how we can transform things with paint. I love using canning jars for candles. Yours looks so nice in the basket.

  6. Hi Pamela, I just cannot resist a carrier. good save on it. the white is just perfect. Lily of the valley is such a sweet scentimental little flower, and oh my that quilt square, just yummy!!! Be sure and link up on Thursday for VIF!! OK? xoxo Debra

  7. Hi Pamela,
    That looks really wonderful, you have so many great ideas. I really like it with the candles in the canning jars.
    Hugs, Cindy

  8. Pamela, you did a fabulous makeover on this tray! I love the aqua showing through the white. The way you have it presented is lovely too.


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