Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Monday, July 18, 2011

Kingsbrae Garden

Yesterday after church, Murray and I came home for a quick lunch then drove to St. Andrews-by-the-Sea which is on the Passamaquoddy Bay, part of the Bay of Fundy.

It has been very hot and humid here for a few days and the temperature yesterday inland was 31 C.  So, we thought it might be a bit cooler on the coast.  No!  It was 31 there too!  But the breeze was lovely and the air was warm and I loved it!

We went to Kingsbrae Garden which is a not-for-profit organization created over 2 years and opened to visitors in 1998.  The property was donated by John and Lucinda Flemer and had a long history of fine gardens. 

The gardens cover 27 acres and has more than 2500 different varieties of trees, shrubs and plants.  I hadn't visited Kingsbrae for a few years and was amazed to see how mature the garden is now.

This is a mirrored obelisk in the white garden.

I love the 'teapot tree' in the upper right photo. 

The sculpture in the photo on the left is brass horns.

a large ring around the sun

This is a moose.  No, it's not real, but it's very life-like.  It's a metal sculpture in the Sculpture Garden.
This garden was mostly wild or natural with a brook, fountains, sculptures, mowed paths
 and some perennials.  It was quite a relaxing spot.

This is a rather interesting 'tree'.

These are metal bells that look like cow bells of different sizes
hanging from the branches of a dead tree.
I think they would be fun to hear on a very windy or rainy day.

I don't know if any of you have heard about this particular tree.  It was in the news a while
back and is a very protected species.

It's kept in a cage!

I hope you enjoyed our visit to Kingsbrae Garden.  The photos don't
show the real beauty of the place so if you are in the area, please try
to include it in your visit to St. Andrews.  We took 1 1/2 hours in the
very hot sun to walk around but on a cooler day you could spend much longer.

The website for Kingsbrae is

I am joining Mary for Mosaic Monday at

I'll be back soon with some photos of the beautiful resort town of
St. Andrews-by-the-Sea.

Please come back!




  1. What a gorgeous garden. It would be a pleasure to spend time with all the colour around. If I ever get down that way I would be sure to see it. V

  2. Oh this was lovely. I didn't know that such a place existed. How interesting about the tree all the way from Australia and now housed in a cage. Hope that it outgrows its pot and gets out of the cage.

    I adore St. Andrews by the Sea and will be happy to return to see your photos.

  3. Thank you Pam for giving us this day trip! I just love botanical gardens. Your pictures are wonderful. Diane

  4. It is a beautiful garden. I have tried to visit on many occasions but it was closed. Thank for the tour.

  5. This was a fascinating and lovely tour. The information about that tree is just amazing! The grounds are just beautiful.

  6. Hi Pamela,
    The Kingsbrae Gardens are very beautiful and I think your photos did it proud. Thank you for all of the info that you added, very well done!
    Hugs, Cindy

  7. When Cindy from Oakview Cottage was visiting today, we both said we would love to visit the Maritimes, and reading your post I think this park would be an interesting place to visit.

  8. I have heard of this garden; it was nice to see your photos. It certainly looks like a beautiful place!

  9. Pamela
    Now I know I have to go to NB!! We plan to make a trip to PEI and if we're that far east we should definitely see the Bay of Fundy too. And now this garden.
    I love that the gardens feature styles to please everyones gardening taste.
    I love the teapot tree, the brass horn sculpture, the hanging cow bells and the moose, of course.
    That is so interesting about the wollemis tree. I have never heard of it. I can well see why it's protected though.
    I'll be looking forward to the trip to see the resort town!

  10. What a beautiful place. I've always wished to visit St Andrews. It has always stood in my mind as the epitome of maritime elegance.

  11. What a wonderful tour, Pamela! I'm not familiar with the garden but it looks my kind of place. You remind me that I seriously want a mirrored obelisk in our garden. :) – g


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