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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

St. Andrews-by-the-Sea

Beautiful St. Andrews-by-the-Sea is a resort town on the Passamaquoddy Bay, N.B. which is part of the Bay of Fundy.

I have been going there since I was a child as my mum's best friend lived there and we would spend a week in a cabin or cottage in the summer.

St. Andrews was established in 1783 by Loyalists from Castine, Maine.  It has achieved a status as a National Historic District.  Until the 1930's it was an exclusive summer retreat to wealthy Americans and Canadians who wished to escape the summer heat in the larger cities of Boston, Montreal and Toronto.  They would travel by train and bring their servants with them for a month or summer long stay.

My husband, Murray, and I went to St. Andrews on Sunday afternoon to tour the Kingsbrae Garden (which I posted about yesterday) and then spent a little time down on Water Street and the Wharf.

It was a beautiful hot and sunny day and we really enjoyed our visit.

Here are some of the shops along Water St.

There was lots of activity on the water as the tide was just going out and the whale watching boats
were returning to the wharf.

These next pictures were taken in recent summers.

Many of the streets in the historic downtown plat have royal or
colonial names.

The style of the homes in the historic district are mainly saltbox, Cape Cod,
Georgian town house and summer houses in the American shingle style.

The Sherriff Andrews house which is a beautiful museum.

The large white building is the Kennedy Hotel, formerly the Shiretown Inn.

There are some lovely shops along Water St.

This is my favorite shop ~ Crocker Hill.

St. Andrew's is most famously known for it's historic hotel ~ The Algonquin. 

We even spent the first 2 nights of our honeymoon here and also came
back for our 25th anniversary.  Next year is our 35th and it would be nice
to stay here once again.  The hotel is owned by the N.B. government
and is now up for sale. I hope it will still be around for a long time to come!

This is just a brief glimse of this beautiful historic town.  If you would like
to visit St. Andrews you can find more information at

I hope you enjoyed our little tour!

We are still in a hot spell here as is most of North America.
I am enjoying the sunny warm weather a lot.
It is such a short time that we do get a stretch of it here.

We don't have an air conditioner so I keep the windows and doors
closed all day and try to stay quiet and cool.  By evening it is pretty hot
upstairs - about 25 C - and I open the windows to try and catch a bit
of the lovely evening breeze to cool down.

Have a wonderful day!




  1. Oh Pamela-I'm so glad I found your blog. To think that I could have made a trip that far out east and missed this beautiful historic town would've broken my heart!
    I sure hope someone purchases that lovely hotel.
    It would be a crime for something like that to close down. Besides I might like to stay there.
    I'm going to have to start saving my toonies now.
    Thanks for being a great tour guide!

  2. Wonderful photos...you captured it all so very well. I've never stayed at the Algonquin nor eaten there, but I have enjoyed the stories of those who have. Pricey meals, beautifully plated, and not as much food as some are used to all make for stories that make me laugh. I had not known that this town was settled by Loyalists from Castine, but then much of New Brunswick was settled by Loyalists. My grandmother's paternal grandmother's family were Loyalists from Pennsylvania...the Lutzes. So glad that I get to hang out here a bit every few days. It's such a sweet place you've created.

  3. Such a pretty place. I've never been there, but some summer (soon), I'm taking a trip to New Brunswick and will visit. We're aren't that far away, huh!

  4. Hi lovely lady. I love all your Beautiful photos. I could go for Hrs. just looking in all the shops on Water St, and the St. Andrew's is so Beautiful Great place to spen a night or two.
    I alway love your comments on my Tablescapes so sweet of you. I see you have my blog on your sidebar Thanks so much....
    I hope you have a Great Week with your lovely family.
    XXOO Diane

  5. What a beautiful place...I am putting this on my to go to vacation list. Your pictures are wonderful too!

  6. Loved your posts about St. Andrews. We always stop there for lunch on the water when we drive to Nova Scotia to visit family. It is all beautiful! Would love to be there now! Nancy

  7. I loved your tour and want to go!
    xoxo~Kathy @
    sweet Up-North Mornings...

  8. Now I don,t have to go this summer.

  9. I love St Andrew's and Kingsbrae gardens. We have gone to the gardens a couple of times but not for a few years.
    We had a lovely Sunday breakfast at the Algonquin on our way home from Maine once-it was a real treat.
    Crocker Hill is lovely too-have you ever seen their gardens-they were featured in several magazines including Victoria.
    I agree the little shops are lovely.


  10. Oh! I see that I was here before and saying pretty much the same things. My memory! A bad memory can be a good thing as I enjoyed this post just as much the second time. Oh, I am wondering about Crocker Hill and what kind of a shop it is. Hope that you and your beloved decide to stay a night or two at the Algonquin this year.


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