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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

more of our daytrip ~ Butternut Ridge, N.B.

After we left Cornhill Nursery we headed through the back roads to Havelock.
I couldn't get over the beautiful sky, fields and hills in this area.

This is the Cornridge Rd. which joins the two communities of Cornhill and Butternut Ridge
(now called Havelock), the name being a combination of the two places.
My mother was born in Butternut Ridge on a farm called "The Grove" for
it's grove of butternut trees.  Doesn't that sound lovely?  The farm house is
a second empire style and just recently was sold out of the family after over 100
years of the same family owning and farming the property. I didn't get a good
photo of the house (below).

This is a side view of the house with the red door being the front door
and the newer door to the left being the kitchen door.  So much has changed.
The front of the house has 2 original bay windows.

Havelock was a thriving farming community and is also known for Havelock Lime
which is plentiful in the area and for a large cement plant.  The train came through
from Petitcodiac (Indian for little bend), Moncton and Saint John. 

We stopped to visit my distant cousin, John Corey, at his 161 year old farmstead.

This house was built in 1850 by a miller, George Marshall Price.  John's father, also
a miller, bought the property in 1920 and continued to operate the mill until the 1950's.
The Havelock Mineral Springs was also located here in the 1800's. 
 Apparently, when the village was renamed Havelock John named his home Butternut Ridge.

John has about 2 acres of flower beds which sadly, are neglected and weed-ridden, but
you can still see the perennials blooming in the rows.

One of two barns with the house in the background.

I love these weathered Adirondack chairs.

This flower garden near the road is well tended.

Me and cousin John.  I stopped waving my hands around my head long enough for this photo.
The blackflies were horrible there, surrounding me the whole time and I
got several bites from them  I guess they liked my hairspray! :-)

Sorry for the blurry picture but this was so funny.
John is quite a character with a great sense of humour.  He can talk for hours
and loves to have company to share his 'tall tales' with.  We had left and gone
 up the road and when we came back
about 5 minutes later John was standing waving this large photo.

We pulled in again and he explained the photo to us.
It is of the Havelock Mineral Springs. I think this is where the spring was located
and they built the gazebo over it to protect it.  I really need to find out more about
the history of this spring.

The man in the photo is my great uncle, Walter Douglas, as a young man.

John is a well-respected historian and has worked on many historic restorations such
as Kings Landing Historical Settlement and the Sheriff Andrews House Museum
in St. Andrews N.B. 
John's home was photographed two different times for Canadian Living Magazine -
once in June 1979 and again in Dec. 1984 with wonderful articles about his
home and cooking skills.  I could write a whole post about him!

More beautiful countryside as we travelled on to Petitcodiac.  Those are wrapped round
bales of hay on the left in the field.

Boats tied up together in the St. John River.
(Sorry, blurry photo taken through a bug spattered windshield while moving.)

We took the old highway along the St. John River from Jemseg to Fredericton
as it is so picturesque and we also wanted to stop at a vegetable stand to
purchase some new veggies.  We bought beets, green beans, peas and onions.

We stopped at Carleton Park in Fredericton so I could take pictures
of the beautiful sky as the sun was going down.  There were sundogs on
either side of the sun too.  Can you see the small vertical rainbow in the clouds
just to the left of the center of the picture?

And, you can see the one on the right more clearly.
Must be stormy weather on the way soon.

Fun on the water.  There were lots of squeals coming from the donut behind this boat!

Well, that ends our little daytrip tour.  Thanks for joining me again today.
If you missed the first post about Cornhill Nursery just scroll down to yesterday's post.

I guess the sundogs in the sunset on Sunday may prove their value to skywatchers
as there is a severe thunderstorm alert on for our area.  The thunderstorms
are to continue all through Wednesday too.  I don't like that and neither
will the dog.

I guess I'll get this posted as I may have to unplug the computer for a while.
See you later.

I hope you are having a beautiful day!




  1. Hi Pamela! OH, what a lovely day you must have had. Everything is so pretty and green. John sounds like a delightful person and aren't you as cute as can be?
    Hope you have some Roos and Chicks and can come to my party.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Pamela
    I look forward to our weekly tours together around NB. I'll feel like I'm a little familar with it should that dream ever come true and I actually get to visit there.
    This trip was surely an extra delight, you getting to visit with your cousin and learn more of your families history.
    I'd say you are really enjoying yoiur summer!
    Any plans for next weekend yet?

  3. Don't you just love long drives in the country, especially when you visit with family! You are not alone, I too do the arm thing around those pesty flies and horse flies...that's all part of summer I guess. Diane

  4. Your lovely drives are so much fun for me. The farm reminds me of one I love well in NB. I encourage you to do a post on your cousin John. He sounds like a wonderful person and an interesting one. He certainly knows how to hook you back! ☺

  5. Pamela the pictures are all beautiful but I love the first one the best. The clouds are gorgeous and I can't believe how green the grass is!

  6. Your blog has beautiful pictures but I was surprised at how much I enjoyed reading about your cousin John! What an amazing photo he brought out ! Now following from Australia xx Ava

  7. Hello from Saskatchewan! I loved to see the photo's and would love even more to see this in person someday. I am George Marshall Price's great grand daughter. My Dad was George Marshall Price and my grandfather was Charles Luther Price.Thank-you so much for sharing these!!!!

  8. These photo's are so beautiful, I was born and raised in Havelock pretty much my entire life with my grandparents. My grandfather know's your cousin John, and I love that old picture of the springs.

  9. Hello from Ontario - If you are looking for more information on the Havelock mineral springs may I suggest you get a copy of Butternut Ridge - Havelock Our Proud Heritage 1809 - 1989 book. The book was published by Havelock Women's Institute - ISPN 0919488110. The book was completed around 1990. I picked this book up at a garage sale from a person whose family had lived in the area. Because the book was so well written and has so many interesting things about the town and area it prompted me to google Havelock to find more information on it's history. It was this search that led me to your fantastic pictures. I collect ginger beer bottles and it would be really neat to get one.

  10. Hello from Alberta - I lived in Havelock as a child and my father used to bring me to visit with John. They would share stories about the past and I would sit at the warm kitchen table, poke around in the garage, or wander the gardens. What a lovely sight to see the house and yard again. Thank you!


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