Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

morning light and summer's waning

The sun peeks through the trees and into the livingroom window.

It softly illuminates the coffee table and sofa.

I've noticed the subtle changes of the slant of the sun in the sky
in the morning and evening. 

It is moving slowly south to leave us with a new season.

The tansy is blooming among the cattails.

The flowers of late summer.

The wild highbush cranberries are ripening.

Fall will soon be upon us with shorter daylight hours, leaves starting to turn to their riotous
colours, birds gathering for their long flight south, roadside grasses bleaching
and fading to a warm golden shade, crickets chirping in the afternoon warmth,
cool mornings and evenings....

Oh wait!

What's the hurry?

It's still summer after all.

In fact, we still have 5 weeks of summer left!

It'll be called summer but it will have the feel of fall because that's
the way it is here in New Brunswick.

I know many of you have had such a hot dry summer and are longing for
cooler fall weather.  Just remember that your fall weather is like our summer weather.
And we don't want our summer weather to leave just yet.

While on our way to Sussex on Sunday we couldn't help but notice the trees in
the Grand Lake area are getting a hint of red to their leaves.  It may be because
of so much rain as these trees are in the flood zone.  And we did see the odd tree
with red or orange leaves.  I just say they are 'dying' trees, they're not really changing yet!

Two weeks from tonight this sweet little guy and his mummy are arriving for a visit.

I am so excited!  We haven't seen them since Dec. 30!
He will be 11 months on the 22nd.  He was still a swaddled babe when I last held him.
Needless to say he's on the move now but not walking on his own - yet. 
I will have to babyproof our house which means all my pretties will be put away
well, the ones at the 2 foot level at least!

We're going to have so much fun with them visiting and there will be lots of company too
as nobody here has met Ewan yet! It's his first trip to New Brunswick!
What a fun time we'll have!!

I have seen on some blogs that you are starting to get anxious for fall or September
or cooler weather and are starting/thinking of fall decor.   I love fall colours and will 
start changing out some things soon but the rest will be done after our family leaves.

In the meantime, if your hot - stay cool.  If you're cool - start fall decorating
put a sweater on!

Thanks for all your well wishes on my first anniversary of blogging. 
I was overwhelmed at your sweet comments. You are an awesome group of bloggers!

See you soon!




  1. Good Morning Sweetie...
    Oh what a gorgeous share this morning. I love seeing the photos you capture. I love that double rocking chair. I would say that is going to be a favorite place for you and this little guy coming soon. He is SO precious. Love that photo, and his little fingers, we too have 1 grandson that sucks his little fingers. Priceless photo.

    Thank you as well for taking me along strolling in the gardens. I so enjoyed myself.

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  2. I can't stand the thought of fall...even though I love that season...but winter, not so much. We have been spoiled this year because of our lovely summer...the sun shone every day for over 50 days! Today there is a hint of fall in the air too.
    Enjoy your vsit with the little guy!

  3. I'm hanging onto summer as long as I can. Everyone says that we'll have a warm September, and I hope it's true!
    Lovely shots of the sunlight in your house.

  4. Good Morning Pamela
    Oh, I bet your are so..excited about the little guy coming! He is a sweety.
    Your photos are smashing, as always. My favorite is the highbrush cranberries. I'm a sucker for those nature shots!
    I'm not at all ready for fall. I do love it, just won't acknowledge it until the leaves have turned. That's usually near the end of Sept. here.
    Have a great Monday now!

  5. It's too early to think Fall yet, still at least a month of summer to go. Loved your little saying at the end. Here is the definition of a sweater .... something the kids wear when Mom is cold!

  6. I can feel Fall approaching too. Little, subtle changes. Such pretty photos of your morning light.
    Enjoy your visit with your grandson and daughter!


  7. That first photo of the chair in the lacy window with Vicoria by your side is just moody beautiful! I'm sure fall is exquisite where you are. I love fall, but having been raised in the desert I don't like cold weather. And I would have to have plenty of sunshine! But even here I can feel the change in the air. It's really delicious.

  8. Love the fall season. And your photography is stellar!
    xo Cathy

  9. Won't you love your time with that darling little boy? Counting the days I'm sure. I especially like your sun streaming in the window casting shadows pics! Lovely.

  10. What a lovely post, Pamela! The photos with the sun creating shadows on the furniture is really beautiful. I have also been blogging almost a year and still have so much to learn, especially about how to take good pictures like yours.
    Have a great week! Shannon


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