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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

starfish, shells and soda pop bottles

This area is in the front stairwell of our home.
The shelf decor changes with the seasons and it is currently wearing
it's summer things.

The blessings sign was purchased a few years ago and I thought it
really symbolized my life of 'blessings' from God.
A starfish, an old mason jar of sea shells and a vintage picture.

I love this little picture.  I discovered it after removing an old photo from the frame.
It was underneath the photo.
It's a print of a painting.  Someone wrote underneath in black ink and drew the
squiggly design around it and signed the name 'Munro'.
Below the picture it says ~
Old Willows - Beaches Road - Pictou.N.S.

I often wonder if those old willows are still standing and if the road still
leads to the beaches on the Northumberland Strait.

On a hot summer day one would enjoy a cold refreshing drink.
We call it 'pop' here in Canada whereas it's mostly known as soda in the U.S.

Sussex brand pop was bottled in Sussex, N.B.  They made golden ginger ale, pale dry ginger ale,
Old English ginger beer, Red  Oval Ginger Ale and Sussex Cola over the years. I think there
was also orange and lime ricky.

I decided to Google Sussex Ginger Ale and this is what I learned.

In 1895 a mineral waters was discovered on Church Ave. in Sussex by a Mr. S. H. White.
He formed the Sussex Mineral Spring Company with a Mr. Armstrong.
In 1910 they built a large bottling factory on Pleasant Ave. and by 1930 the
factory produced 10,000 bottles a day.

Sussex Golden Ginger Ale was very popular dark and creamy ale prior to prohibiton to use as a mixer for
certain beverages but they started to produce a Pale Dry Ginger Ale which is more popular today.
The ginger ale is sold in the Maritimes and the northern parts of Maine as a local favorite
under the Canada Dry label. 

I remember when we were children if we had an upset stomach we could have a drink of
flat Golden Ginger Ale to settle it.

The Sussex bottle and the Pepsi bottle are from the 60's and the Seaman's pop
is from Prince Edward Island.  It was made by the Seaman's Beverage Limited since 1939 and
called Seaman's Gourmet Sodas.  When I Googled it there was a notice saying it is no
longer available though I'm not totally sure about that. Perhaps one of my PEI friends would know.
I bought this bottle in 2008 when we were there.

The two frames of photos below the shelf are of some of my favorite places and I should probably
change them out soon as they are starting to fade.

This is a reflection of the shelf area in this mirror. 

I'll be doing a post about mirrors for Vintage Inspiration Friday.

It will soon be time to decorate for fall but I will wait until September
as I'm hoping we'll have more summer weather before fall settles in.

I'll be back tomorrow with a summer tablescape for Tablescape Thursday at
Susan's Between Naps on the Porch

I hope you are having a great week!




  1. Love the look Pamela...it speaks a nice cool drink on a hot summer day! Diane

  2. I enjoyed seeing your front stairwell. The old pop bottles are so neat and really add to the decor. Thanks for sharing the history behind them too.

  3. What a lovely way to display treasures. Ginger Ale is my favourite pop.

  4. I like your little area and the way you have framed some of your favorite place. Where I grew up in the midwest we called it "pop."

  5. Really pretty blog you have..love your hens too, how fun to have them in your yard, thanks for stopping by..we got those chairs with a maple table 10 years ago in the paper, it was in such good shape the prior owners had really taken good care of it...then I got the new table (much bigger) because the chairs went so well with it, but they have taken some abuse I must admit.

  6. Such great treasures, Pamela – I love the bottles! Oh, I'm hoping for more summer weather, absolutely. We've hardly had any in the Northwest and I can't bear the thought of autumn and winter coming.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend ahead! – g

  7. Hi Pamela
    In Iowa where I was raised we called it "soda pop"! Isn't it funny how different areas have there own names for the same items?
    Ginger ale definitely was not a sellar where we lived. I'm not sure I even heard of it until I married my Canuck. He always love "ginger beer".
    Not really a beer, of course. But being a preachers kid, I think he thought it was so cool to be allowed to drink something that had beer in the name!
    I hadn't heard of any of your ales, except Canada Dry. Thanks for sharing the history with us!

  8. I love your beach cottage setting. I wouldn't mind some rain here, it's sooo hot! The little corner table is wonderful! All of your beautiful beachy treasures are absolutely perfect. big hugs!

  9. What a sweet post, interesting info on the Sussex Pop company.
    I love the picture that you have there, very pretty.
    Hugs, Cindy


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