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Saturday, September 17, 2011

geraniums in the window

At Kings Landing Historical Settlement I love taking photos of windows and through windows.  I took a few of these last week again.

Geraniums in the window.

A bowl of steaming hot potatoes.

A lady scarecrow.

A bedroom with a trundle bed and a pair of wool long underwear.  Imagine how they would itch!!

Grampie and Ewan swinging from a big tree.
(I had to squeeze another pic of our grandson in!)

A well.

Stringing beans for drying.

Meeting Mr. Ox.

Fresh cinnamon buns cooling in the window.

Geraniums in the window. 
                                      These won't get frost bitten as they are inside the shop.

Do you save your geraniums from year to year?  I did one year a long
time ago but they were quite straggly in the following summer.

It's a chilly, although sunny weekend here (15 Celsius).

We hope to take in the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival in downtown Fredericton.
We enjoy walking around and listening to the sounds of live performers in the
various tents or on the street.  There are also some buskers on the streets.

For more information on this popular festival please go to

It's going to be a cool evening for it.  I'll have to dress warm because you know
I'm cold all the time! :/

Thanks for all your lovely comments on my recent posts on Kings Landing
and my fall decor.  I appreciate each one of you very much!

Blessings to you,



  1. Looks like a great place to visit and those cinnamon buns look delicious!! We have not had any frost at our place yet, I have BnB guests today, so I think I will go out and pick what may be one last "summer bouquet " of flowers from my yard. Have a great day!

  2. Love the scarecrow photo and those cinnamon buns looks so good!

    No I don't save my geraniums. Maybe if I had a green house or some indoor place to keep them where I wouldn't forget about them. I do keep my mums but that's because I plant them and they come back.

  3. Love all of it!!

  4. Hi Pamela, just catching up with a few blogs. Have been away to Southport and other places up north. Back for the weekend and are off to France on Monday for a short break. Love all your photographs and love the Fall decorations you have in your house.

    It has been a mixture of weather here, rain, sun and quite cold. I have the heating on for warmth and to get the washing dry so I can iron it!!

    Have a good weekend,love Jackie in Surrey.

  5. You never need an excuse to show us a picture of your little grand. He's adorable.

    Oh geraniums on a windowsill speak so delightfully of all things country. I have not ever tried to overwinter them, though my aunt always does and successfully. She says the trick is to cut them way back, store them in the basement, and remember to water them once in a while.

    Beautiful photos of a charming place. Keep'em coming.

    Have fun at the festival. It's chilly here so I know that it's chilly there.

  6. Hi Pamela
    Geraniums on a window ledge indoors are comfort flowers, especially when they're in clay pots.
    That's an adorable picture of grandpa swinging with his little man.

  7. I too am partial to windows and taking pictures of them, (and looking inside them or outside them! ) Also enjoyed seeing all your autumn decor.... the cooler weather we are having this weekend is truly a welcome change. Even cloudy! We're ready for this.
    Fun to see your Dundee Marmelade jar. I have several. When we were the "help" for an older gentleman years ago, his cellar had a cupboard full of the old vintage ones!

  8. Geraniums are my favorites.
    The grandkids are sure sweet, of course. I bet you miss them. I like to visit pioneer villages-especially ones with yummy cinnamon rolls!
    Have fun at your blues and jazz festival!

  9. My Mom used to grow geraniums in the breezeway when I was a kid. The leaves would freeze to the window, but they would bloom most of the winter.


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