Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Saturday, October 15, 2011

apple picking

It was a beautiful afternoon on Wednesday so I knew I had to make a trip to the apple orchard before the predicted rain came on Thursday and Friday.

No, I didn't pick all these.  Although a number of years ago I did pick apples
for pay and filled a few of this bins. 

This orchard is on farmland that my hubby grew up on.  His father planted
a lot of the trees here.  It's a beautiful spot.  And, it's for sale. 
I sure wish I had the money to buy it and build a big farm house on it.

Beautiful Cortland apples.
The lower part of the trees were pretty well picked off and there were
lots of apples at the top but no ladder to be found.
I did find enough on the lower branches to fill a reusable grocery bag though.

There were hundreds of 'drops' on the ground.  The deer hunters come in
at the end of the season and collect them for bait.  I know, not fair game.

I got enough to fill this vintage basket.

Our basement is insulated so they don't keep very long - not cold enough.
Therefore I didn't pick too many this year.  They just spoil.

This is 4 pounds of apples and they cost me $4.50.
Plus I got to enjoy the fresh air and beauty of the land.
That's a bonus!

Do you take a trip to the apple orchard in the fall?

There are still lots of apples to pick and this is probably the last weekend for
the U-Picks to be open.

I hope you have a great weekend and enjoy the outdoors.




  1. What a fabulous orchard Pamela - and those Cortland's look perfect to bite into and a great price! I do love orchards but none around here to pick from - have to travel to the NC mountains, 3-1/2 hrs. west, where there are many.

    That land is beautiful and I too wish you could make it your own.....perhaps some day! Wouldn't it be fun to build a beautiful farmhouse style home - I've often dreamed to that. Beautiful photos - now is the time of year to be outside with the camera with so much color. Your header is awesome too.......I spy the farmhouse tucked in the center!

    Happy weekend dear.
    Mary X

  2. Hi Pamela, what a great place and the orchard, the apples look wonderful. Have a wonderful weekend and I hope you have the same weather that we have here, it was quite cold first thing but it is lovely now, sun is shining, I can hear Phil outside mowing the lawns!!! Enjoy, love Jackie.x

  3. Yes, you're right. That's a beautiful piece of property and I can understand "the dream." Another point we have in common...I also used to pick apples...25 cents a bushel way back when I was a teenager. We did go to the apple orchard and pick our own last year. This year, we just bought some at Pie Tree Orchards. It's on the line-up for blog material, but may not make it. I do like the name of that orchard, though.

    Apples don't last here either. Wish that I had a vegetable room!

  4. The pictures of the bins took me back to the days when we'd take our holidays at the end of September in order to help my husband's father pick apples - he too had an orchard. Two weeks ago I picked our two trees and have bags of apples out in the garage where they should keep nearly all winter, as it is cold but not below freezing.
    As always, lovely photos.

  5. Wonderful outing for you. We go to the orchard in the Fall with the grandkids to get apples and pumpkins. It is always a fun day out.

  6. One of my favorite things to do! What a bargain!

  7. Wonderful pics of the orchard Pamela. I all of a sudden feel like apple pie now! Diane

  8. I'm wondering if you will be making applesauce and pies? My grandmother always froze her applesauce and I can remember it thawing on the breakfast table. Your last pic of the apples is stunning!

  9. Hi Pamela, You were wondering what happened to my camera - the motor in the zoom lens died. And it was too expensive to fix. It started as a lens error message - I'd turn the camera off - and then it would be fine. But then the last time it happened it wouldn't turn on . . .

    But, I found a new camera at Future Shop this weekend and I'm very excited to learn how to use it. A Rebel T3i - I'll probably take it to some apple orchards this week. Your shots are gorgeous!

  10. What a beautiful apple orchard, you take wonderful photos, my friend.
    Hugs, Cindy

  11. Pamela, nothing I love better than a fresh Cortland straight off the tree. I can certainly see why you would love to own the land, especially since it was in your husband's family. I would hate to leave my farm, it's part of who I am.

    I wish I could take such good care of my apple trees as this orchard; what bounty!

  12. Pamela
    It is a beautiful property.I can see why you would want a home on it. Especially with the family connect your DH has to it.
    The photos are great. Are you canning these lovelies or doing pies? We're sure enjoying our applesauce-nothing like homemade, for sure!

  13. Those photos make me feel nostalgic for my childhood, and the scent of apples ripening on trees in the sun....

    Maybe we should all get together and pool our funds, that could be one giant farmhouse. What a dream.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  14. Thank you for sharing another aspect of your beautiful world, Pamela! The photo of the apples in the basket is stunning. And what a great value! I ate a pear from my dad's tree this morning. It tasted so crisp and fresh, and I know he doesn't use pesticides. "Store bought" is OK, but "knowing" the trees makes enjoying fresh fruit a special experience!

  15. HI Pamela,
    Knowing you, I bet you could have picked all those apples with one hand tied behind your back! Beautiful photos. Isn't this fall's weather just perfect?
    Your "neighbor",

  16. What a beautiful site, the orchard is wonderful. Thanks for stopping by I love your blog. Kathy


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