Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Sunday, October 2, 2011

front porch metamorphosis

I discovered I had taken a photo each month of the summer of our front porch so thought I'd show the metamorphosis of the growth and changes in 4 months.

It looks pretty bare doesn't it?  I had just potted my plants on June 4 and took this picture
not even thinking that I'd take different ones through the season.
The plantings look pretty small here.

Here we are on July 5 and the plants pots are really filling out.

This isn't the whole porch but you will see a difference between this one and the next one.
This was taken on August 1.

This was taken on September 11.  You can see how that pot of begonias grew
and filled out from the very first photo.

I usually try to cover the plants if there is a frost warning so they'll stay for a while longer.

I dread when I have to dump them all out and clear the deck off.

That means the season of colour will be over and it will be time for cold and snow.

How are your plants doing these days?  Have you had a hard frost yet?

I am joining Susan at Between Naps On The Porch for

Come on over and see some other fabulous makeovers.
Thanks to Susan for hosting this weekly party!




  1. I adore your frony can't decide which look I like the best...they are all pretty

  2. Very cute porch! I found you through Met Monday. Hope you'll visit The Corson Cottage sometime:) Carrie

  3. The first three times that there was danger of a frost, I covered them, but will let them go next time. I think that I didn't pot my begonias in a big enough pot! Yours are gorgeous. I loved seeing your porch evolve through the summer and fall.

  4. Pamela
    I love how you shared the stages of growth-so beautiful!
    I've had frost the last two mornings. I find the stage after the leaves are all gone and before the snow comes the ugliest looking around here.

  5. Pamela, how lovely to see the growth through the season in your photos!! I am like you, I just hate to have to dump them out for the winter! I wish I had a sunroom or someplace I could at least bring my ferns in. I bought two small geraniums for $4 each, and they have grown like crazy this summer. I will really hate losing them. We are still in the 30s at night and there was frozen ice this morning on the mountain tops! I'm loving this weather though!

  6. Hello Pamela:
    Your porch, throughout the seasons, certainly demonstrates how containers of plants can be used to such good effect. You will indeed miss them when the cold weather arrives.

    Here the Indian Summer continues with the temperature set to remain around 25C for the whole of this week. We hope that it will be as good for you.

  7. Pamela. Love the look of your porch at the end of the summer season, your flowers and plants look beautiful. I especially love your potted plants, what do you feed them to make them grow like that! Diane

  8. We haven't had a hard frost yet which is so unusual...hopefully it's a sign of good things to come this fall. Your plants and the porch pictures are most impressive.

  9. What a good idea to show how the porch progressed. I should do that with my little garden. I get too many ideas here in blogland! We are waiting for a frost here and it may be here this week. I shall the put the garden to bed and wait for another one next summer.

  10. Your porch looks so inviting! Love your decorative watering cans. I saw one at the Sally Ann and wondered what I might do with it. Now I know! I'm heading into town now and I hope it's still there :)

  11. You have really made this spot look so inviting. Happy Thanksgiving Pamela!


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