Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Monday, October 10, 2011

what a week it's been

 What a week it's been! 

On Wednesday to Friday I went to Maine and back with 3 friends and shopped and ate too much!

On Saturday we cleaned the house for company and cleaned out all my annuals after the killer frost.

We entertained and celebrated Thanksgiving with our company.

And now we're headed into a busy week ahead.

I had great time from Wednesday morning to Friday night with Lois, Barb and another Pam.  We shopped in Bangor, Camden, and Freeport for 3 whole days minus the traveling time.  Oh, we ate and slept too but they don't count.  Those gals love to shop!

Mount Battie Motel in Lincolnville near Camden.

We stayed in the motel part of the B&B and had our breakfast on this beautiful
veranda. It was chilly but nice in the sunshine.
I could have stayed here a week!  What a beautiful area.

All the muffins and coffee cakes were home made by the owner.  Delicious!

Camden harbour with the sun dancing on the water.

Cappy's Chowder House/bakery/gifts in Camden.

On the drive home the sunset was spectacular.  I got this shot along the I-95 near Mt. Katahdin
as we were driving along.  The sky and 3/4 moon and calm water were so pretty.

Saturday and Sunday the temperatures were in the mid-20's celsius and the sun
was shining.  It was just like summer and the evenings were so balmy. 

We had some beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

Sunset on Sunday evening.

Sunrise this morning (Monday) through the bedroom window.
It's much cooler today with a strong NW wind - more fallish for sure!

The trees in Maine had not turned at all - just the odd one.

But, here in New Brunswick it's getting very pretty!

This is the view from Heaven's Gate, a subdivision near here, this morning.
The trees are slower to change colour and most are fading and blowing off in the wind.
It was a spectacular sight none the less.

This is quite a view from the homes on this street isn't it?
I don't like the street as it appears to go straight down to the river
and is very steep.  It kind of scares me - especially in winter!

We visited a cemetery this morning too.  This is the old gate and the beautiful trees across the road.

Corn field next to the cemetery.  The cemetery is behind the baptist church between farms.

That's what I've been up to since Wednesday. 
Busy, busy, busy.

Thanksgiving has been beautiful and we've really enjoyed the lovely weather
and gorgeous scenery.

What did you do this long holiday weekend?

I'll be back soon with more pictures from Camden, Maine.
It's such a beautiful little town and I want to share it with you!

I hope you are having a lovely day.




  1. Such beautiful colors your autumn is staging! And the mums on that porch are magnificent, all lined up together!

  2. Very nice photos. I don't know how Camden's foliage is doing today, but ours has perked up overnight. Last good...tomorrow...probably all gone. Ha! I'll look for your Camden photos for sure. These have been wonderful. Oh, I do hope that you ate at the Lobster Pound there at Lincolnville Beach. My family has been eating at that location for generations. We love the seafood they serve. I recently talked my blogging buddies into eating there and they were glad that they had.

  3. Sounds like a busy week. Gorgeous photos though. The food table looks delish!

  4. Camden is one of my favorite places to visit. In fact we spent part of our honeymoon there 32 years ago at the end of October. Love going there in the fall.
    Happy Thanksgiving!


  5. Love the tour! I have never been there, and it is so pretty. Your photos are fantastic. It's great you took pics of the food, too!

  6. Hi Pamela, the colours are looking great down your way. Sounds like a wonderful shopping expedition. The weather was gorgeous here for the long weekend, dinner with family, putting away the last of the garden items, lots of relaxing and reading and some crochet work.

  7. Hello Pamela,
    It sounds like you are just having way too much fun!:) How nice to be able to go away with friends and shop til you drop and eat until, what you thought would burst? That is how I ate at our Thanksgiving dinner.
    Your photos are gorgeous!!! Our trees have all changed and some are bare already, seems early to me.
    Have a very wonderful and happy Thanksgiving.
    Hugs, Cindy

  8. You photos of your trip turned out great! I noticed the trees are not turning as quickly this year as well, but today they seemed to have more color, maybe it's the sunshine and warm weather.
    I was busy yesterday with church and getting dinner prepared. Today we did reorganizing in our storage room...also had a good walk this morning.
    Nice to know you celebrated the weekend with your camera-in-hand. Keep up the blogging!

  9. It sounds like you had a great shopping trip! My best friend comes from St John and when she heads home she always stops in Maine to shop for quilt fabric and raves about the stores down there.
    Gorgeous shots of the trees in their autumn splendour!

  10. Pamela
    Your colors are really gorgeous there now. We have peaked and are on our downside.
    So glad you had fun with your friends in Maine. I just have to get out East someday!!
    I'm looking forward to seeing more of your trip.
    Happy Thanksgiving

  11. Always a good plan to get together with the girls and I'm sure you are looking forward to another weekend with them again! Glad you had a good Thanksgiving, ours was great...busy, lots of laughter, talking and lots and lots of food.

    Now that Thanksgiving is over, I can start thinking Christmas...yippee! Diane

  12. Sounds like a fun trip! I love heading down south to Maine when I can and certainly the shopping can be quite appealing. Beautiful photos.

  13. What a fun, whirlwind tour and shopping extravaganza you had! Memories for a lifetime, so nice to have time with friends. The fall foliage is very pretty and I agree with you on the road, it does look like it goes straight into the river!

  14. Morning Pamela, looks like you had a great time with your friends on your girly days away. The veranda and the breakfast looking very fattening but delightful, plenty of carbs to get you through all the shopping expedition!!

    Love the Autumnal photographs. We were out at an arboretum Sunday morning and RHS Wisley Sunday afternoon and there wasn't much sign of Autumn colours at either and the weather was lovely and sunny!!

    Have a great week, Belated Thanksgiving greetings, love Jackie in Surrey, UK.x

  15. It certainly sounds like you had a wonderful trip with your friends, Pamela. The sunrise, sunset, and autumn colour photos are beautiful. Although I didn't get away (just yet), time was spent with friends over the weekend and I enjoyed Thanksgiving with family.

  16. Hi Pamela,
    I love Camden and hope to go back someday!It must have been fun to go there with your shopping friends.
    We just drove through N.B.and the leaves were pretty.

    Thank you so much for your prayers for Lucas-we are so hoping and praying that this trial will be a good thing.



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