Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Saturday, November 5, 2011

antique tea leaf ironstone china

I'm changing things up in the china cabinet for pre-Christmas.

I got down the antique tea leaf pattern teapot, sugar bowl and serving plate
which are usually on top of the cabinet.

This white ironstone china was made in the mist 1800's and became very popular.
The tea leaf pattern is applied with copper lustre.
Apparently plain china was getting boring so the copper luster tea leaf
pattern was added to pretty it up.

This is the pretty footed base of the teapot.
The pot is very stained inside from years of use.
There aren't any markings on these 3 pieces.

This is the top of the teapot.

This is a very large dish I am assuming is for sugar lumps or possibly cookies.

The small oval dish and larger oval platter are also the tea leaf pattern.
In the center shelf is another piece of the pattern with a more vivid copper lustre
on it.  It is stamped made in England on the bottom and may not be as old
as the other pieces.  It has a hole on the right side of the base and there is
a platform just at the hole inside with small holes in it.  I'm not sure what it's
intended use is. Do you?  Mum kept antique silver shoehorns, shoe buttoners,
nailfiles and scissors in it as you can see.

The 3 flowered plates are called
Wakefield Windsor Ware by Johnson Bros. England.

I'm getting excited to start my Christmas decorating.  Are you?
I will wait until next week though before I get into full mode. I always
wait until after Remembrance Day which is Nov. 11.

If you live in the U.S. you have to wait until after Thanksgiving and I think
that would be so hard but maybe we start way too early here in Canada.
I used to wait until Dec. 1 but it seems lately I want to change things earlier.
I don't put up the tree until after the 1st though.  That is a rule with me!

How about you?  When do you start your Christmas trimming?
When do you put up your tree?

I hope you are enjoying the weekend.




  1. Beautiful table and hutch. Lovely ironstone, what a treasure. Your table compliments the hutch so nicely.

  2. I love that ironstone....very pretty!

  3. Your teapot and matching pieces are very pretty. You are so blessed to have pieces that belonged to your mom.
    I am like you, I will start my Christmas decorating soon, after the 11th at the earliest.
    Have a lovely weekend. I am off to a tea party with the ladies in our church, I will have photos next week.
    Love and hugs, Cindy

  4. The larger one must be for cookies, I can't see the sugar dish being the same size as the milk, do you? Your tea setting is lovely, I have only one plate of the centre three you show. It looks like you have found the proper use for this holder, although I can't say I have ever seen shoe buttoners before.

    Christmas absolutely can't be started until after November 11 in our house, sort of a tradition mom got us on years ago. She said out of respect we will not rejoice, then after Nov 11 we will start...slowly. I have been known to put my tree up on Dec 24th, why so late? The kids are grown, poor excuse I know.

  5. That tea leaf pattern is very familiar to me. I think my mother must have some. It is beautiful! I usually start my decorating mid November. My birthday is the 17th, so I always like to celebrate by starting to decorate!! I have two artificial trees (kitchen and dining room) that I put up in November. We always put a real one up the second week of Dec!!

  6. Love the footed teapot and sugar bowl, they're gorgeous! Your hutch and plates are beautiful, I also love your table canterpiece. I'm starting soon to deck the Christmas halls because time passes so fast and really, after Christmas I've had it! Hugs, FABBY

  7. Why can't everyday be like Christmas....I can almost hear Elvis singing that! lol Yesterday we spent the day in Michigan, my son had a PA day off school. I bought a ton of Christmas ornaments, I surprised even myself with what I bought but I think I just had Christmas excitment on the brain! How your weekend is going good. Diane

  8. Yes, you dear Canadians get a headstart on Christmas. I confess that I have felt a little jealous until I remember that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. (It could be a little closer to yours, though.) These dishes are lovely and will provide a great backdrop for the Christmas things. I learned something new about dishes...had never realized that a stamp such as this could be added to bring a bit more bling to the ironstone. Interesting.

    Oh our tree goes up the day after Thanksgiving and remains up through Epiphany. I need the lights and promise of Christmas all year, but on the darkest days of the year, the tree and all the decorations are a wonderful reminder our our hope.

  9. It's nice to be able to change even a small area around..I'd change my furniture around every month if I could! I wonder coiuld that be a vase with the small holes to hold stems?

  10. Your ironstone pieces are really beautiful! I also like your hutch, too. I used to have a dining room with a nice table and hutch, but now this house just has a large eat-in kitchen. I miss my hutch! All my nice dishes are hidden away behind cabinet doors.
    We put our tree up after Thanksgiving, but I'm about ready to take down the fall decor. I love fall, but am ready to move on to Christmas decorating!

  11. What beautiful white pieces!
    I don't put out one single Christmas thing until the first Sunday of Advent, and then I have fun. The tree used to go up on Christmas Eve, but as the kids got older we moved it up and up and now it goes up around the middle of the month - somewhere between the 15th and 20th and stays up until after Epiphany.

  12. You have a sweet collection, and I love the way you've changed things up! That last photo shows things off nicely!

  13. Lovely pieces in remembrance of your mother. As far as Christmas decorating goes, well, it will be awhile here. I used to go all out and lately I just haven't had the inclination; I don't know why....maybe I'm getting lazier in my old age?

    I usually put the tree up the first week in December, though my mother never put a tree up until the week before Christmas. Seems too late to me, by the time it's all up and trimmed, the season is over. Blame that on the stores, I guess, trees have been up in the malls since before Halloween.

  14. Hello Pamela
    The tea china is unique and you have everything looking nice in the cabinet.
    Since most of my decorations are winter, they come out any day now but the tree (a small silver table top one) and my few other Christmas decorations I'll put up the first week of December.

  15. Wonderful dishes Pamela. I've always thought Tea Leaf is a beautiful pattern!

  16. This is really beautiful! A wonderful start to your Christmas decorating! I am ready to start myself!

  17. I am visiting you through the lovely blog
    "Lavender and Cottage". Your bolg is very beautiful.I always like to see beautiful photos,
    teacups,antiques and vintage treasures!

    I enjoy walking in my town with my camera though I am a quite bigginer photographer.
    My camera is just one year old!

    from Japan, Red Rose.

  18. i have the teapot and sugar bowl also. my grandparents were antique dealers for a long time, since thier passing me and my parents are going through thier inventory trying to look stuff up to sell we are unable to find most items. i was just wondering do u know how much the teapot and sugar bowl would be worth if put on ebay? im almost wanting to keep these for myself. please email me


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