Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Thursday, November 24, 2011

feeling uninspired

We had a little snowstorm here yesterday with about 17 cm. of new white snow.  It won't last long though as the temperatures will be warming up in the next few days.  For now, it looks like a Christmas card.

         This photo was taken last November 28 and this is what it looked like here this morning too.

The view from the bedroom window.

I have the decorating all done but haven't put the tree up as yet. I am hoping to purchase
a new tree as ours is 25 years old and is looking kind of sad.

Shelf in the front entry. The print says 'lithograph copywrite 1877'.

I can't seem to get my shopping going.  Is anyone else having that problem?
It's really getting me down and since Christmas is just a month away....
well, you's panic time!

Tomorrow a couple of girlfriends are coming for tea and I will take photos for
a post for Tea Time Tuesday.
Sandi at My Yellow Door hosts this lovely party every week but Tuesday's is
a special Christmas one ~ Embrace the Season Christmas Tea.  
Maybe you'll consider joining in too.

So, I've got to clean the house (vacuum, dust, tidy, clean the bathroom)
and bake something to go with the tea  and take photos ~ all tomorrow morning!

Are you feeling inspired or is all the hustle and bustle getting you down?

I won't push the panic button yet.  I do have almost a month don't I?
That's 4 weeks or about 30 days. 

I'll see you again soon. I'll be busy baking and maybe shopping.




  1. Love the gorgeous photo of the morning sky!
    And your mantle is looking festive!
    Thanks for your inspiration:)

  2. I'm loving your snow! And your entry way Christmas deco. Beautiful lithograph.
    I'm not paniced yet about the shopping,
    but the sewing-maybe a wee bit!

  3. I hear you, last night a friend asked me if I have gotten my Christmas shopping done....I just laughed.

    We can't find anything because of all the packing boxes...

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  4. How pretty the shelf looks. I haven't started decorating yet. My folks are here this weekend; I'll be away next. So, unlike you, my decorating will be uncharacteristically late this year. BUT I do have my shopping done. I hope you show more pictures of your Xmas house.

  5. I'm so glad you wrote this Pamela. I, too, have been feeling oddly uninspired. I don't know if it's the wet and windy weather or missing the kids. I haven't done any shopping apart from the little bit at the country market, and I will need to mail things. Time to get up and get moving!

  6. Your snowfall does look like a Christmas card!

    My children and grandchildren live across the country, so I shop via the internet and have everything delivered to their address. Then,when I visit for my Christmas visit, I open the boxes and wrap their gifts. It works out well that way and saves me from crowded stores and impulse buying. I am feeling a little less enthusiasm to decorate my house for Christmas, however, as they will miss seeing it!

  7. Christmas is at the door and your work seems that you completed your all Christmas work. How pretty the shelf looks. I haven't started decorating yet.

  8. Here's an idea for inspiration - the 10000 Village sale. I found some lovely things there. And I'm heading back to another one next week. NB have one in Fredericton this weekend and Riverview/St Paul's next weekend.

    Your house looks lovely! I don't usually decorate until Dec. Although we have the candles in the windows. Doesn't everything look beautiful with the snow!

    Hope you have a wonderful tea today!

  9. I think you need snow to shop. I know, I know...snow, but I feel most motivated when the white stuff is on the ground. Here in ON we had one day of it and it is now long gone. Still somewhat mild weather. I think I kind of miss the a few weeks I am sure we will plenty though. Enjoy your tea with friends tomorrow. Diane

  10. What a beautiful view out your bedroom window! I know what you mean. I am trying to start Christmas decorations, but of course, still recovering from thanksgiving yesterday! Have a wonderful tea. I look forward to the pics!

  11. Pamela, what a lovely snow picture. I know exactly how you feel, I am an uninspired person this year, too, though your house looks so festive and lovely already! I haven't done a bit of shopping yet, either. I seem to think I have a lot more time that I really do. The worst part is, I don't have a clue what the people on my list want or need.

    When I do pull out all the stops and decorate every surface, it's fun, but taking it all down in January and packing it all up again is a huge chore, too. I guess I'm trying to hit a happy medium, decorate enough to look like Christmas but not so much that it takes me until the first garden walk of the season to have it all packed up again!

  12. We got quite a bit here on Wednesday. Probably 7-8 inches. I've got three events this weekend, and then I'm going to concentrate on decorating next week. I'm a little behind in my decorating this year, but hoping to catch up next week!

  13. Hi Pamela
    I think the holiday magic fades as all the kids and grands get older. We need that excitement to motivate us and now some like me, don't even host the Christmas dinner any more. A few friends feel the same way, maybe it's the weather at 11 degrees C today!
    You have a nice view from your room and I do hope you have a nice tea visit with your friends.

  14. Hi Pamela! That snow is gorgeous even it it was last years! :) Have a wonderful tea time with your frineds and your decorating is looking so pretty and festive.
    Thanks always for popping over to see me.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)


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