Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

a hard day shopping

                I went to town today to do some Christmas shopping.  And I wasn't very successful.

                             Do you have a hard time getting started on your Christmas shopping?

Christmas 2006

It seems it gets worse every year for me.  I go to the mall and walk aimlessly from store to store looking at things that I'd like to have (but don't need) instead of what I should purchase for someone else. I guess I need to make a list, which I usually do, and go from there. 

I did buy a book (for me because it was $7.99 at Chapters) and a book for my grandson.  And I walked through the mall looking and getting overwhelmed and wishing we had a big Home Sense store here instead of the smaller Winners with a small home decor department.  If you live in a larger center with T J Maxx and Burlington and Big Lots etc. count yourself lucky. 

I also got very tired walking on the hard floors in the mall even with a good comfortable pair of shoes on.  Then my shoulders started hurting from carrying my purse.  Oh my.  I need to lighten it up for sure!  I am having issues with my rotator cuff in the left shoulder and I believe my right one is also starting to wear.  Too many years of walking a dog that loves to pull!  I almost felt like getting a wheel chair at the entrance and paddling myself around.  Cute picture eh??  Maybe I need to hire a personal shopper!  Brilliant!

Are you one of those energetic organized people that starts their shopping in January?  I can't do it.  I always worry that it may be out of style or the person won't like it come December.  My best time to shop is the week before the big day.  Nothing like pressure to get er done.

I did find some pretty blue, silver and white placemats at Dollarama to give to ME!  They'll go great with my snowflake dishes I use all winter.  And I saw a sweet teapot with snowmen and snowflakes at Stokes but it stayed there.  For now.

                   Guess I'll have to try another day.  Anyone want to come with me and inspire me?

                                      Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?

                                                                  See you soon.




  1. Poor Pamela
    You know if your not in the mood,you just can't make it happen! I think my problem is I need snow! It almost always works in getting my holiday juices flowing. Maybe that would help you too.
    At least it wasn't a waisted trip altogether. You did find something for yourself!!
    Take care-Kimberly

  2. Pamela, I don't blame you. Twenty years ago I could shop for hours, especially at Christmas time, nowadays not so.... I have lists and I watch for specials in the flyers and then I go out for one or two things a day, that way I do not get worn out.

    One last thing...when I am out shopping, I always buy myself chocolate..its my own personal rewards program! Diane

  3. Good luck Pamela - maybe you can find a craft fair to wander through. It's an easy way to find unique gifts. I think the problem with Christmas shopping always starts with the men on the list - the ladies and kids are so easy. I had the same experience at the West Ed a few weeks ago. I walked the length and breadth of the mall and only bought supper for my daughter and I...

  4. I usually do my Christmas shopping through out the whole year, I find things at antique shops and sales and put them away. I love giving fun and usual vintage and old things. Thanks and good luck shopping. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  5. Oh yeah, I don't like shopping to much myself, I also wonder like a fool unless I do make a list! Have fun next time and make a list and check it twice! Thanks for sharing, I'm getting a little stressed out thinking myself. Hugs,

  6. Yes, yes, yes, on all counts. I can always find something for me. Someone once told me to pay attention to what each person gave me because that's what that person would like. Think it'd work? I think a personal shopper, a lighter purse, and a wheelchair at the door would be just terrific. Don't stress that rotator cuff now!

  7. Could you give occasions, or experiences instead of "things? "

    Dinners out, massages, subscriptions, edibles....

    We have started only to give consumable gifts, and encourage our friends and family not to give us "things" since we are so cramped for space. It's been a few years since we started, and it's now beginning to work. I kind of enjoy it, and it's a lot less stressful.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  8. I went shopping today but not for Christmas. The checkout gal asked me if I had my shopping done. I said WHAT? Are you kidding? LOL No, I don't start shopping until after Thanksgiving mainly because I never know what to get earlier than that unless one of my adult kids has said something. And then I wait because more than likely they'll go ahead and get it themselves!

  9. Pamela, same here. I get so tired pounding along on the concrete floors of the malls and just looking at endless 'stuff'. After awhile, it all starts to meld into one big Blob almost, and I just can't dilly dally any more and give up. (And I've eyeballed those wheelchairs a few times myself.)

    I have found the internet to be a great aid in shopping, it really is easy to 'add to cart' from home.

    I think it's great you found something for yourself, at least you had a fruitful shopping excursion!

  10. I find it all to be overwhelming! I understand completely!

  11. I have had days like that Pamela. No fun . . .

    I went to a 10000 Village sale last week though and found some sweet things. I always feel better giving my money there too. I know that I'm helping.

    Thanks for the Dollarama tip - I'm heading to town today :)

  12. Hi Pamela, I'm with you there. I can't shop for hours anymore either. Those days are gone. I try to make a list and go for only a few at a time. I buy for 21. Ten grandchildren and one great grandchild.
    I also buy for my sons, their wives, and my daughters, and their husbands. And of course my lovely DH. I love Christmas and gift giving. I always try to find the unusual. Have a lovely day!

  13. Ahh Pamela, that sounds painful.
    I am a last minute shopper and actually love it. I have been spending a lot less every year. I love to give gifts but I am trying to take the commercial factor out of those gifts.
    Best of luck Pam!

  14. Hi Pam,

    I guess this is my first time to visit your interesting blog.

    Wow! Christmas shopping? I never started yet. Been away from my loving family isn't really important for me whether shop or not.

    Enjoy your w/end.

    DOn't forget to join my early Swedish Xmas giveaway.

  15. I would love to go shopping with you, when you get tired, you can sit in the wheelchair and I will push you around! What fun we could have!!!
    The only thing I have purchased so far is fabric for gown and pj's for the youngest grand-kids. I am listening to Christmas music already!
    Hugs, Cindy

  16. I've never been a successful shopper for Christmas and usually end up giving the daughters and grandchildren money. They all seem to have all the latest gadgets and lack for nothing.
    To me Christmas is more about spending time with our family which is small so I guess I'm lucky there are not lots of people to buy or think about gifts for.
    Try a backpack style purse to relieve your shoulder, works for me.


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